Entry 001 // Wild heather tea

dried heather in a jar

Since moving up north I’ve spent more time out in nature and I feel a stronger connection to it now than ever before. I love to venture out to relax, explore and do photography. I also feel a growing interest for foraging. I love learning about what’s available out there and how to use it. 

I recently learned that one of the plants I often stop to take pictures of – heather – has other properties besides being pretty, like being used to make wild heather tea!

I feel this a skill forgotten by most of us, as we’ve moved in to a digital era we have lost our connection with nature. I want to find that connection again, make it stronger. I also hope to inspire you to do the same. 

wild heather

When being out foraging in nature, remember to leave everything better than you found it. Don’t leave trash around, and if you happen to find traces of others – bring it home with you. Gather with care too, never take to much from one spot or plant!


Heather has been used for many things throught the years. The roots were used to make baskets and the green shoots gave a beautiful yellow color to fabric and yarn. The sticks were used to make brooms. Poor people who did not have any straw used heather for their pillows and mattresses.

Now a days it’s mostly used for tea and has a calming, soothing effect.


– source, Dags att plocka


When I was out picking blueberries the other day I decided to gather some heather as well, to bring home and dry to make wild heather tea. 

As an advocate for slow living and trying to break free from the norms of working too much, I feel walking in the forest foraging berries and plants is a nice contrast to it all. Then you get to come home and sit on the porch, your balcony or by the kitchen table with a cup of coffee preparing what you’ve gathered.

I hung my heather in bouquets and after a few days they felt dry enough. I took off all the flowers and leaves and placed in a jar and just having it displayed on a shelf is beautiful. As always, seeing what I’ve gathered outdoors make me feel richer than ever. 

preparing to dry wild heather

hang drying wild heather

dried heather in a jar

Putting flavours into words is difficult for me, but I’d say the tea tastes floral and sweet – if that makes sense? I like it and since I often have a hard time falling asleep I plan to try making this tea a part of my evening routine while winding down with a book or some writing.

Hopefully it will help me sleep better, either way enjoying a cup of wild heather tea is a lovely, calming experience that I enjoy very much.

Have you made tea from plants or herbs gathered in nature? I’d love to hear about it!

enjoying wild heather tea


Published by Rania Rönntoft

Rania Rönntoft lives in Sundsvall where she works as a photographer, content creator and jewellery designer. She loves exploring craft beer and is passionate about nature tourism, slow living and close by adventures.

9 thoughts on “Entry 001 // Wild heather tea”

  1. Helena says:

    Så vackra bilder!! Och örtte på ljung, det måste jag bara prova. Tack för inspo!

    1. Tack så mycket Helena! Det tycker jag absolut du ska göra – så lite så, kul att du blev inspirerad att testa, hoppas du tycker om det!

  2. Kate says:

    Underbara foton…. och detta måste jag bara testa! Måste även kika in på sidorna Du tipsar om…
    Onsdagskram från Kate

    1. Tack! Ja gör det, hoppas du tycker om det! Kram

  3. Jenny says:

    Hej Rania, tyckte du det hjälpte? Igår testade jag en kombination av ljung och lavendel. Och en liten klick honung. Tyckte faktiskt att det stillade sinnet. Har även testat lavendel, johannesört och en påse an Friggs Kvällsro och det funkar också. Fast man får ju vara försiktig med Johannesörten i och med att den kan försämra verkan av exemplevis p-piller. 🙂

    I övrigt, katterna är ju bara helt underbara! Vilka godingar. 🙂

    1. Hej Jenny! Jag har inte testat så många gånger än och en kopp té på kvällen är ju i sig ganska lugnande men jag tror nog jag tycker att det gjorde mig lite mer lugn / vilsam faktiskt. Lavendel ska väl ha liknande effekt va? Låter som en härlig kombination! Det där visste jag inte om johannesört – man lär sig nya saker hela tiden!

      Hihi ja de är helt fantastiska <3 Kram

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