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Visiting Ecosphere during a trip to Stockholm

Clothes at the Ecosphere store

On my way home from my visit down south in Borås I made a quick stop in Stockholm. Since I was I town I decided visiting Ecosphere was something I want to do.

I’ve been an ambassador for them for a year now and it was about time to see their new store, and actually meet Pernilla whom I’ve only spoken tight through emails.

For those of you that don’t know it, Ecosphere is a retailer of a sustainably produced clothes and accessories from amazing brands, both Swedish and international ones. They’ve been around online for a while but recently opened a store in Hornstull, Stockholm at Bergsunds strand 32.

≫ You can use the code NORTHBOUND to get 10% off either online or in the store!

jewellery at the Ecosphere store in Stockholm

jewellery at the Ecosphere store in Stockholm

I feel in the loop regarding their products and I’ve looked at basically everything online but seeing the products live and being able to feel them made a huge difference. I appreciate the craftsmanship behind them even more now!

Everything from O MY BAG is of a very high quality and of all the jewellery they stock the ones from Wild & Arrow and EYESEEI really stands out to me.

Smaller and more nisched stores like this is what I really miss in Sundsvall. There are a few but I definitely wish the town had more to offer in that regard. Not that I spend a lot of time in town shopping, but if there aren’t better options for people they will continue to buy from the big stores that mass produced without a thought for quality or the environment.

≫ My previous posts made in collaboration with Ecosphere

Pernilla, owner of Ecosphere

This is Pernilla, owner of Ecosphere. It was a pleasure to finally meet her! Next time we meet we’ll both be wearing hats, drink whisky and listen to Americana haha. Even though we have a work relationship, sharing similar values and interests makes a huge difference and the actual work even more enjoyable.

By the way, has any of my readers visited the store in Stockholm?

Sunglasses on display at Ecosphere

Support your local planet t-shirt at the Ecosphere store

Beautiful sunglasses from the brand Sideroot and a really neat tshirt  with an amazing message by Dedicated. If someone plans to spontaneously give me a gift, this is on the list ;) 

They also stock a lot of books in the store, and finally you can buy them online too (don’t forget to use the code NORTHBOUND). I realised she had one of my dream books, Cabin Porn and that one got to come home with me from my visit. You can except a review later!

books and clothes found at Ecosphere

We had a nice talk about how the store is doing, sustainability and what products to shoot for our next collaboration. Then it was time for me to say goodbye and move on to the next thing. I was headed towards Gamla Stan (old town) to meet up with some travel bloggers for a nice photo walk.

≫ Images from that walk can be seen here

Pernilla, owner of Ecosphere

clothes at Ecosphere








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