Morning at the Golden Gate Bridge

On Friday morning me and three friends boarded a plane and left Sweden with WOW air. After a very long flight from Stockholm to San Fransisco we all fall asleep soundly at the Travelodge where we’re staying. We wake up early, make some coffee at our room and we’re in the car heading off on our first adventure here in California while it’s still dark outside.

It’s a short drive to the Golden Gate Bridge where we head towards the viewpoint called Battery Spencer to welcome the first light of the day.

A few other eager tourists and photographers are here but we manage to get the sweet spots all to our selves.

Golden Gate Bridge Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys | www.northboundjourneys.comMyself and Katarina where pretty stoked to be there

A low fog rolls over the mountains and down towards the water and the wind has our hair whipping around in a tangled mess. The earth here is red and our shoes and backpacks quickly become dirty but as a photographer I notice how well it stands in contrast towards the blue water.

Two hours later we headed back to the motel to eat a well deserved breakfast. Yoghurt, cornflakes, eggs and loads of coffee gave us the energy we needed to head out for a quick visit down in central San Fransisco before it was time to continue our journey towards Yosemite.

Golden Gate Bridge Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

Golden Gate Bridge Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

Golden Gate Bridge Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

Golden Gate Bridge Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

Golden Gate Bridge Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys | www.northboundjourneys.comIda had such a gorgeous outfit on and she really fit the scenery and colors!



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    6 November, 2017

    Lovely! I love the scenery of SF and Yosemite but downtown SF is not my cup of tea. Enjoy big time!

  2. Reply


    6 November, 2017

    Fantastiska bilder!!!!

    • Reply

      Northbound Journeys

      8 November, 2017

      tack!!! :D

  3. Reply

    Linda Engström,

    11 November, 2017

    Verkar vara värt att gå upp i ottan för det där. Fina bilder.

    • Reply

      Northbound Journeys

      15 November, 2017

      det var det verkligen! Tack :)

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    12 January, 2018

    wooooow! alltså, san fran är världens bästa stad!!!! <333 älskar att få se andras bilder därifrån.

    • Reply

      Northbound Journeys

      15 January, 2018

      Jaså, tycker du? Jag hann bara spendera några timmar där vilket tyvärr inte räckte för att ge mig någon uppfattning om staden, men det var mäktigt att få se Golden Gate :)

  5. Reply


    28 January, 2018

    Nu kanske jag läst slarvigt, men var kommer ryggsäcken ifrån? Det är verkligen så fin

    • Reply

      Northbound Journeys

      29 January, 2018

      Hej, nej det står nog inte var den är ifrån tror jag. Märket heter VINTA :)

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    Hej San Francisco och Yosemite - fast på distans | Traveler's Edition

    7 November, 2017

    […] Rania på Northbound Journeys har också skrivit, om morgonturen till Golden Gate. […]

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