Entry 010 // Star Gazer

Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

Have you ever been standing outside in the pitch black night when there are no sounds and you feel truly small in this big world of ours? 

Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

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It so cold you can almost touch it and it feels like there is just you and nothingness but then one by one stars light up the sky and the show of colours begin. As the northern light dances across the sky and the scream of a fox echoes through the forest you feel something shift inside of you.

At moments like that it’s hard not to appreciate the magic of nature.

This photo called “Star Gazer” is a mock-up between a photo I took of Ida one magical evening in Taft Point, Yosemite and some of my photos of northern lights and the Milky Way. I created it as a reminder to stop once in a while and take in the wonders of the world!



Published by Rania Rönntoft

In the forests of Sundsvall, a small northern town between two mountains, Rania found herself and her passion: living a slower life rich in experiences instead of things. Here she works as a freelancing photographer, content creator and teacher. Through her pictures she wants to inspire others to spend more time outdoors and show that the adventure is not far away. She travels a lot in Scandinavia and works with other destinations to promote our beautiful country, she also arranges workshops on visual storytelling and local adventures.

3 thoughts on “Entry 010 // Star Gazer”

  1. Åh vilket underbart foto! 🙏✨ En av de saker jag uppskattar mest med naturen är just att den får mig och hela mitt ego att känna sig liten.. vi är idag så uppslukade med att skapa och designa våra liv men i naturens helhet är vi fortfarande bara en lite pusselbit. Det är skönt att få vara liten ibland☺️

  2. emma says:

    WOW! Hur får man “var jag har varit”-kartan?? :D Älskar!

    1. Det är ett plugin som heter Interactive Maps :) Tack, kul att du gillar den funktionen :)

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