Entry 010 // New habits and a healthier lifestyle

» This post is a payed collaboration with Linas Matkasse «

This year is all about a fresh start for me. I’ve met the most amazing person and it’s almost two months ago that we moved in together and started creating a home.

We’re also working on creating a healthier lifestyle and good routines together. 

Being inspired and motivated by one another to stay strong and happy is so rewarding! Amongst other things we have a spreadsheet for our economy now, and we climb and work out at least twice a week following a schedule we’ve set up together. 

We are also focusing to eat good, sound food. One way to achieve this is by doing more meal planning.

Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys | www.northboundjourneys.com

I have now partnered up with Linas Matkasse to try one of their food bags, sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck creating the same dishes over and over and this is a great way to get new inspiration and ideas for what meals to cook. 

What I find especially nice is that even though the recipes as a whole might not be something we end up using again, getting recipes and products to our home gives us a chance to try different ingredients that we might never have bought ourselves.

It gives us inspiration and knowledge on to how we can use these ingredients when cooking which I really love. So if you’ve never tried ordering a food bag before, I recommend that you try it!

As a part of this collaboration I am able to give you a discount on the same type of food bag as I got so that you can try it out as well 

Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys | www.northboundjourneys.comBy the way, I am in love with using knives from Morakniv wether I am outdoors or in the kitchen!

➳ Linas Välj Själv Kasse

If you follow this link and use the discount code NORTHBOUND* you get to try your own Välj Själv Kasse for the reduced price of 499 SEK instead of 859 SEK. 

*The code is valid until February 20th and it’s only applicable for the first bag and only if you’ve never tried a food bag from Linas before. It is only valid for the food bag called “Linas Välj Själv Kasse” and it is only eligible in Sweden.

This bag contains four meals created to serve a family of four. Each delivery date / week has a set menu but if one or more of the meals is not appealing to you there are other options so that you can switch out some or all of the dishes.

I decided to switch out a few cause there where other dishes I really wanted to try. One thing I really like to eat during winter is a warm soup and warm, freshly baked bread. But I am not very good at actually making soup so I decided to add a very simple potato -and leek soup to my bag.

Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys | www.northboundjourneys.com

I made this yesterday and not only was it a great lunch, since the recipe was for four people I have quite a lot of soup now and it’s perfect to store in the fridge and heat up while I work from home.

We have three more recipes to try and they are all new to us so we’re very excited!

Please let me know if you decide try one of the bags, and what dishes you chose – I would love to hear your thoughts about food and finding inspiration for the kitchen.


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