Winter Landscape Photography

Photographer in a winter landscape

It might have been a year since I last visited this place, a favourite spot of mine and definitely a place worth returning to. Current work for a big client involving winter landscape photography gave me the perfect opportunity to finally go back! 

So on a perfectly sunny Sunday me and Linnéa headed out there to enjoy the weather and being outside while shooting a bunch. This was the perfect time to try out my new gaiters Dan got me for my birthday – I love them and how they enable me to be out in the deep snow without having to bother with thick snow pants. 

Now, since this was for a job, I can’t show you the images yet – but here’s a video from our day. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Published by Rania Rönntoft

In the forests of Sundsvall, the small northern town between two mountains, Rania found herself and her passion: living a slower life rich in experiences instead of things. Here she works as a freelancing photographer, content creator and photography teacher. Through her pictures she wants to inspire others to spend more time outdoors and show that the adventure is not far away. She travels a lot in Scandinavia and works with other destinations to promote our beautiful country, she also arranges workshops on visual storytelling and local adventures.

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