Hiking in Spain – Serra del Maigmó

For some reason I have never associated Spain with mountains. I cannot say why. Before we had even landed I realized how wrong I’ve been for not doing so. We got closer to our destination and the plane passed over majestic mountain ridges – I felt my heart skip a beat. 

We stayed in Alicante and everywhere huge mountains towered in the background, the most beautiful backdrop to the cityscape. Even though I enjoyed exploring Alicante a lot, feeling the presence of mountains was not enough for me – oh no.

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We all decided we wanted to do some hiking in Spain, so on our third day we drove up winding roads to the nature reserve Paisatge Natural Protegit Serra del Maigmó.

Driving in the mountains of Spain

Hiking El Frare

El Maigmó is the name of the highest peak of the Maigmó massif located 1296m above sea level and if I got it right the mountain is located within the nature reserve.

We set a course for the entire reserve without further plans and upon driving through it we came upon a spot called Xorret de Catí which seemed to have a few hiking, climbing and biking routes.

Looking at a map of hiking trails

map marking the trail we hiked

The yellow “star” shows where we parked the car and began walking. The red, dotted marker show the route we hiked and from the star we walked to the right and followed the blue trail for a bit until we came across signs for the yellow route which we then followed until we came down and ended at the blue trail. 

The hike started easy enough even though the incline was rather steep but my gosh was it ever so beautiful!? After a while we had to scramble up some rocks (there were railings) and then we walked along the ridge with the most amazing views all around us.

At one point we heard some thunder rumble in the distance and the clouds looked ominous… We had quite the scare and picked up our pace cause being up on a mountain during a storm is definitely something you should avoid. Luckily it did not come our way and we were fine!

Paisatge Natural Protegit Serra del Maigmó

Signs on a hiking trail in Spain

Woman hiking in Spain

Paisatge Natural Protegit Serra del Maigmó

Hikers admiring the view in Spain

Rocky stairs on a hiking route in Spain

Smith the Roll pack 25l from MillicanMy dear, trusted companion who has been with me on many adventures now. I love this backpack so much! 

Sun shining through a tree in Spain

Scrambling on a hiking route in Spain

Hiking in Serra del Maigmó

Mirador de Catí

A Mirador is like a lookout point and if you want to go hiking in Spain or find beautiful places to just stop with your car it might be a good idea to lookout for signs with that word or google it.

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Portrait of Kim hiking

Yellow flowers in Spain

Female hiker in Spain

group photo of hikers in Spain

Hiking in Spain was a wonderful experience and I am glad we did it. Finding the beauty of nature in every country I visit and explore it by hiking is very important to me!

group photo of hikers in SpainFemale hiker in SpainMirador de CatíClose up of a plant in SpainHiker admiring the view in Serra del MaigmóLooking at a map of hiking trailsSaveSave














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  1. Vilka fina bilder och landskapen är fantastiska! <3 Det verkar inte heller som att där var så många andra än ni? Är vandring i Alicante stort/vanligt?

    1. Tack Malin! Det var riktigt fint :) Vår bil var den enda på parkeringen och vi mötte ingen alls. Tror dock inte vi kanske hittade en så stor vandringsled, och så var det ju lite off season – även om jag tycker det är bättre att vandra på våren, sommaren är det nog olidligt varmt! Alltså Santiago De Compostela är ju i Spanien (vi såg skyltar om den i Valencia!) men jag vet inte hur stort vandring är överlag, det verkar ju finnas mycket fin natur för det i alla fall.