How to create a small but versatile wardrobe

» This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Ecosphere «

Spring is finally here and the light has returned! The living room bathes in sunshine almost everyday and the snow is melting, creating tiny temporary rivers on the streets. I wake early and eat breakfast with my loved one, drink a bit of coffee and work in the kitchen before moving to the home office.

Today I thought I’d share some thoughts with you about creating a small but versatile wardrobe, as well as show you some spring news from Ecosphere. As you know, I am an ambassador for them and here you can see my previous posts created for them.

Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Laptop and coffee on kitchen table

Because my days are so varied and I often move between my desk, doing photography at home or outdoors, practice the guitar or go running errands in the city as well as go climb I’ve started to demand even more out of my wardrobe lately.

As you know I advocate minimalism; I want to have a few, high quality pieces of clothing that are sturdy and work for me in a lot of different settings. A small but versatile wardrobe is what I need! Lately I have been looking for something comfortable to wear at home but that I can wear strolling down into town or the climbing gym without necessarily changing.

Luckily Ecosphere just stocked up on spring news and I found what I have been looking for!

≫ As always you get 10% off at Ecosphere using the code NORTHBOUND ≪

I am quite the jeans girl but these chinos are amazing. Stylish and so comfortable, made from 100% eco cotton and great for working in. Unlike most pants for females these actually have great pockets too! I even wear these when I go climbing, I really feel that I can move freely in them.

What more can an urban, outdoorsy and bouldering digital nomad like myself ask for huh?

And the socks, well they are just pure awesome haha – I love the color and pattern, and I am sick of wearing boring black socks. High school me who only dressed in black would not agree but isn’t life more fun with a little bit of color?

Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Girl wearing clothes from Ecosphere
Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Chinos and t-shirt from Ecosphere≫ Kings of Indigo – Tirzah Pants, Kahki
Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Blogger in urban outfit from Ecosphere≫ Dedicated – Save the Oceans T-shirt

Everyone should have a few good, basic t-shirts in their wardrobe. This one is very comfortable and carries an important message as well. We pick up so much trash from the streets every time we’re out and about and Dan is baffled, he thought Swedes were better than this… I really wish that were the case. But, we do our part and pick up what we find and I feel better knowing more and more people out there help ut with keeping the streets and nature clean.

This is how happy I am to how found some key items for my wardrobe, as well as for the fact that the light has returned and spring is on it’s way ↓

Are you noticing spring where you are? And how about you, do you feel that you have versatile wardrobe fitting for the different things you go about doing during a day? Maybe you have a key item you can’t live without and that just always works? 

I’d love to know your thoughts on this!

Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Smiling girl in Dedicated t-shirt from Ecosphere

Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Spring sunshine on crystals

Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Coffee, chinos and socks from Ecosphere≫ Dedicated – Socks, Arizona Multicolor
Versatile wardrobe with Ecosphere - Blogger in urban outfit from Ecosphere

» This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Ecosphere «

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  1. Så få plagg som möjligt gillar jag också – och de måste känns fräscha och snygga. Är tyvärr nu i en situation då alla mina kläder efter Sydamerika är urtvättade, sunkiga och har levt ett hårt liv med all oskonsam laundry service . Borde liksom uppdatera hela min garderob – men det är en match jag inte skulle orka ta! Ska kolla Ecospheres kollektion, byxorna du har är hur läckra som helst!

    1. Visst är det skönt att ha en liten garderob med väl utvalda plagg? Tråkigt att höra att dina kläder fick sig en rejäl omgåmng i Sydamerika dock. Uppdatera hela garderoben tar tid, jag tror man successivt får fasa ut och ersätta, några plagg i taget. Ecosphere har mycket fint, och byxorna ä huur sköna som helst! Glöm inte använda min rabattkod om du hittar något du gillar :)

    1. Ja visst är det en underbar känsla?! Precis vad jag ska ägna min söndag åt faktiskt, har massor i garderoben jag aldrig använder TROTS att jag konstant rensar och försöker skapa en mer minimalistisk garderob. Men när man väl börjat rensa är det lätt att fortsätta haha :D