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Book review Cabin Porn Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

“On our front porch there’s an old rocking chair. It creaks a bit as I gently rock back and forth with a cat in my lap and a cup of coffee on a small table beside me. You sit on the stairs, your bare feet dangling over the edge following the rhythm of the music that flows from your guitar.

It has been a day of hard labour where we spent the morning hiking in the forest behind our home, enjoying the peace and quiet while gathering berries and mushrooms. After a quick lunch we stored what we foraged and chopped wood, all in preparation for winter. Fall is here and we’re enjoying a lovely evening coloured golden by the late autumn sun.

I sip my coffee and smile as I watch your rough, worn fingers dance across the strings.”

I wrote this a while back and this how I see myself leading a life in the future. I dream of my future home being a rustic cabin (preferably one me and my partner built ourselves) in a coniferous forest with no nearby neighbours. I love cabins, they are simply beautiful with their wooden exterior and they remind me of care free summers as a kid. To me the way they stand on their own in dense forests symbolise freedom and a slower lifestyle.

It will be tiny, the cabin I dream of having, and the planning well thought out – making it functional yet homey. I want to be at least partially of the grid and pretty self sufficient. Growing our own food, having chickens, hunting, foraging and then storing it all by drying, fermenting and so forth. Maybe we’ll have solar panels as well.

Living together with nature. Taking and giving, caring for it and leaving a low footprint. 

That is why I love Cabin Porn so much. It offers me an escape to the future I dream about. It shows me the many ways in which you can build a cabin and create a lovely home. It has inspiring stories about amazing people who’ve made their dreams come true. 

Book review Cabin Porn Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

Cabin Porn started out as a tumblr page if I am not mistaken and for more than six years they collected photos and stories of more than 12 000 cabins, all handmade by people using whatever they could get their hands on near places that really meant something to them, a collection that is still expanding.

And this book that contain more than 200 cabins handpicked from their archive is such a great mix of an introduction to the cabin lifestyle, amazing stories about people and their journey to live where they do and even some good how-to-guides.

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Besides really good stories, this book offers a great photo collection and trust me, the photography is simply gorgeous. It makes me want to travel around and expand my own collection of cabin photos. I am amazed by the sheer number of ways a cabin can look like. 

My own favourite image I’ve captured of a cabin is this one, a cabin I stumbled across in a forest in Dalarna:

Cabin in the woods

In this book you’ll find some really interesting sections containing stories from how to make maple syrup to how to live 30 feet in the air, and much more. I guarantee you that it has something in it for everyone. It’s divided into the following chapters:

✧ Introduction (How to build a community)
✧ Backcountry

✧ Fixer-Uppers
✧ Rustic
✧ Purpose-Built
✧ Treehouses
✧ Modern
✧ Earthen
✧ Salvaged
✧ Geometric

I bought this book at Ecosphere, who is not only a retailer of clothes but also has a few books and magazines that help inspire to lead a slower, more sustainable and quality filled life. ‘

Since I am an ambassador for them I have the opportunity to offer you guys 10% off, wether it be on clothes or books. It works just as well online as in the store. Just use the code NORTHBOUND at the checkout or tell them at the counter.

Have you read this book? If so, I’d love to know what you think about it and I am also curious to know if you could ever consider living in a cabin, or if you feel like cabins are more of a vacation / summer thing? Please comment below and let me know ♥︎

Book review Cabin Porn Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys |

» This post is sponsored in accordance with my ambassadorship for Ecosphere «



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  1. My dream for a cabin would be one not to live in fulltime but to work in. A quiet place to think, draw, paint, write, …

    1. Oh that sounds pretty lovely too! A nice, calm place to withdraw to when you need to focus, feel inspired & be creative. I like the thought of that :) Where I to end up living in a big city in the future, I would definitely like a space like that.