Bergen, a picturesque city between mountains

I’ve actually had a bit of a vacation this summer, I put work aside and let social media just be which has been well needed. It has been nice to be able to spend so much time with my love and our friends. 
Dans family visited from Canada and after spending a few days with us here in Sundsvall, they were my excuse to finally visit Norway for the first time. A place so close by, with the most stunning mountains and fjords… Yet I had never been there before.
We flew to Bergen where we picked up a rental car and then our roadtrip from Bergen, through Flåm and Maristova to Oslo began. In this post I’ll show you our first stop, and as we got closer to our destination I felt my heart beat faster.
As the plane started to descend I realised that there are mountains literally everywhere!

Flying in over Bergen, Norway with Norwegian

Day one: Exploring Bergen with it’s picturesque streets & local art

The mountains can be seen in all directions, they are surrounding this city and after spending just a few hours here we talk of moving to Bergen. But Norway is very expensive though, and Bergen is supposed to be one of the rainiest cities in the country.
We are extremely lucky with the weather if that’s the case, we spent two nights here and it was sunny and warm all the time!

But my gosh is this ever a beautiful city, especially the older part of it (where we spent most of our time). We walk on narrow, winding streets with colourful wooden houses and everything is so picturesque. We point at all the different colors, cute houses and blooming flowers.

Luckily the path from our accommodation down to the city center takes us through all this beauty.

City of Bergen, Norway» From our Airbnb we have a good view of the city and the surrounding mountains. Use my link to get 360SEK to use on your next booking on Airbnb!
City of Bergen, Norway
Yellow house in Bergen
Beautiful little street in Bergen
Roses on a house in Bergen, Norway
Cute houses in Bergen
When we get to the bottom of these winding streets we reach the harbour and the old wharf. Here they’ve kept buildings the way it looked back in the day when the fishing industry was big. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and local artists sell paintings, clothes and silver work.
There’s also a tourist center and a coffee shop located here and it’s such a lovely place with a great, creative atmosphere. 
Giant troll street art in Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway
sign pointing to the visitor centre in Bergen, Norway
The wharf in Bergen
Coffee shop in the wharf, Bergen
Drawings, paintings, prints and stories
sign saying thank you for buying local
In the evening we want to pursue our interest in craft beer and end up at a bar called Tempo Tempo. We try a beer each from the local microbrewery in Bergen called 7 Fjell Brewery. Two bottles of beer cost us around 230 SEK… Like is said, Norway is expensive!
Tempo Tempo bar in Bergen, Norway
Local beer by 7 Fjell Brewery in Bergen

Day two: Heading up on Mount Fløyen and walking home in the sunset

On our second day in Bergen we take a funicular (Fløibanen) up on Mount Fløyen and are met with a gorgeous view of the city.

Funicular up on Mount Fløyen

Woman looking out over Bergen from Mount Fløyen

This place has so much more to offer than a nice view though. Up here you can find many ways to enjoying nature; There are for example a lot of good trails both for hiking and biking.

There’s also a small lake located up here, called Skomakerdiket and it’s a nice place to hike to if you’re looking for a place to make a fire, swim or eat some lunch you’ve brought. From June 23rd to August 26th (this year), between 11:00 – 15:00, they offer free canoeing at the lake!

» Read more about all the activities on Mount Fløyen here

Norwegians are good at making nature very accessible and I love it so so much.

Map over Mount Fløyen Fløyen Aktiv

trail signs on Mount Fløyen

Fir cone

Canoeing on the lake Skomakerdiket up on Mount Girl looking at the lake Skomakerdiket on Mount Fløyen

Canoeing on the lake Skomakerdiket up on Mount Girl looking at the lake Skomakerdiket on Mount Fløyen

hand holding water bottle

Girl in the woods

I really connected with Dans sister Sarah, a very creative girl who’s amongst other things very good at graphic design and photography. It was fun traveling with her and so nice to have her help me take photos of myself. Thanks! ♥︎

Map over Fløyen mountain

Girl looking at the lake Skomakerdiket on Mount Fløyen

Up on this mountain here there’s also trolls(?) and an amazing, beautiful and fun playground – completely made out of wood! 

Sign that says "don't feed the trolls" on Wooden playground up on Mount Fløyen, Bergen
Wooden playground up on Mount Fløyen
wild flower on mount Fløyen
After another long, awesome day here we had dinner in town and then we walked home in the setting sun. Back at our Airbnb we saw the city painted in gold and it was a beautiful goodbye to bergen. The morning after we left early to continue on our roadtrip through Norway.
Girl walking and looking at Google Maps
Cute street in Bergen, Norway
Summery street in Bergen, Norway
Girl walking down a street in Bergen, Norway
City of Bergen during sunset

Cute street in Bergen, NorwayGirl walking and looking at Google Maps




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