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Woman wearing a Patagonia shell in the forest

Since it’s my biggest interest and passion I follow a lot of news regarding the outdoor industry and nature. I would like to start sharing what I get wind of with you all; be it something that inspires me, is brand new on the market or just really good!

So, from time to time I’ll share some nature and outdoor related news with you all, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


➳ Norra Outdoor Pants

This is a new brand, made by two Swedes, and they have created a new pair of outdoor pants. They actually just reached their goal on Kickstarter! Through Instagram I’ve been following their journey from the start, and seen the questions they’ve asked their followers about material, colors and what kind of information they would want to come along with new products they buy.

» You can read more about the pants here.

I’ve seen them develop a really good pair of pants with good functions and materials (no plastic, buckles etc are made out of metal and aluminium!) that will last a lifetime.

Ljung outdoor pants by Norra

Photo © Norra Studios


I really felt that I could get behind their thoughts and values around sustainability and good production, as well as the actual pant itself. The fact that they are Swedish makes it even better as supporting smaller, local brands is key!

As such, I decided to have Northbound invest in NORRA by backing their project on Kickstarter as well, and in May me and Dan will get our own pair of Ljung pants which I am so stoked about! As soon as I’ve had and tested them, you can expect an in-depth review! 

Ljung outdoor pants by NorraPhoto © Norra Studios

➳ Sundsvall awarded with Outdoor Municipality of the Year

This was actually made public back in April, but Sundsvall – the city where I live up here in the north of Sweden – was awarded (for the second time) the Outdoor Municipality / County of the Year! With the city being located in a valley between two mountains that offer a closeness to nature even though you live in the city, I am not surprised.

Friluftskommun Sundsvall symbol mörkgrön 2018


We have great access to a huge range of outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking, sailing and in the winter snowboarding, downhill and cross country skiing. Last year the city spent 15 million (Swedish crowns) into caring for our forests, paths, parks and trails.

» Read more about the award and motivation behind it at Naturvårdsverkts website (in Swedish)

My impression is that a huge majority of the people that live here really appreciate and enjoy nature, and that we as a county are outdoors quite a lot. This award definitely goes to show that, and helps Sundsvall focus on that even more. I am indeed quite proud and grateful to be living here!

➳ ‘Entering burn area’: Yosemite after the Fire

Hiking the Panorama Trail in Yosemite National Park - Photo © Rania Rönntoft | Northbound Journeys | www.northboundjourneys.comPhoto © by me during my trip to Yosemite in 2017

I remember smelling the smoke when we we’re there, and seeing park staff hard at work. Those fires were controlled and planned. A way to maintain the forest. But we also saw signs of other, bigger fires that had previously raged in the park.

This year we’ve all heard a lot about the raging fires in California and I’ve thanked my lucky star that I went there last year. But this still hit me pretty hard. I can probably relate to it more because I’ve actually been there. I can also relate because this year it happened here in Sweden too, in a land where forest fires are rare and seldom rage like they did – we had at least 80 of them all over the country.

The fires are increasing each year due to climate change…

Reading this article by Bonnie Tsui in New York Times was such a mix of emotions. It really brought me back to my trip to Yosemite, I felt nostalgic and cherished the good memories. It also made me sad, and even though I know I try to lead a sustainable life, like I know a lot of us are, I just wonder: Is it enough?

As much as we try do to as individuals, we really need the help of bigger businesses, organisations and politicians to change how we live. I think that the option to choose the less sustainable option needs to be removed wherever it’s possible! Stores, coffee shops or whole towns can choose to make a statement and a difference by completely removing the option to get a plastic bag and they can ban plastic straws and one time coffee cups.

Something I really wish some of them had the guts to do.

➳ Patagonia’s CEO donate’s company’s entire $10 million tax cut to fight climate change

A company that definitely constantly takes action is the outdoor brand Patagonia. They’ve always had a very strong environmental focus, and they continuously use their resources to help the climate and our planet in different ways.


 In this season of giving, we are giving away this tax cut to the planet, our only home,
which needs it now more than ever.  


The CEO Rose Marcario wrote that based on last year’s tax cut, the company will owe less in taxes this year – like $10 million less. In a letter posted to LinkedIn, she announced that Patagonia is donating all $10 million to non-profit groups who work on issues related to climate change and the environment! 

» Read the full article here

I love the work that they do and happily support them. Their products are great and so far I own both a plaid, down jacket and shell made by them.

Woman wearing a Patagonia shell in the forest

What are your thoughts on the climate change and what we can do about it, and what do you think of me sharing news like this about the industry and environment? Let me know in the comments because I truly value your thoughts and opinions! ♥︎

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Rania Rönntoft lives in Sundsvall where she works as a photographer, content creator and jewellery designer. She loves exploring craft beer and is passionate about nature tourism, slow living and close by adventures.

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