Life has only just begun

This weekend I turned 30. There was a point where that number sounded so old. Now I know that my twenties where when I explored life and different ideas, made mistakes, changed my style a million times and really got to know myself.

I’ve imagined if I could go back to younger me, living down south in Sweden. How I would react if I was told “When you are 30 you will be living in a town called Sundsvall, where you’ve never been, you have no connections there and you know no one in that town. You’ll be running your own business as a photographer and content creator, you’ll be bouldering three times a week and you will be dating a Canadian.”

It sounds so random, and it’s amazing to think back on all the experiences, events and life choices that has led me to where I am today.

This is where life begins

I finally feel secure in who I am. I can reflect on what’s been and take the gained knowledge from my past experiences: both successes and failures, and use them in the life I lead today. I know my core values, what morning routines I like and what makes me happy, inspired, sad or calm. I can recognise what I need and when. Honestly it’s truly amazing, all my past experiences and all the people I’ve met, wether good or bad, has all led me here.

To feel grateful is such a strong emotion.

I would not want to be anywhere else today. I love our home and the city I live in. Dan is such a wonderful partner and the people in our lives: friends, colleagues and climbers are all amazing! I am on a new path where I am constantly working on challenging my fears and making my body stronger so that it will continue to carry me through the rest of my life.

Over all I am transforming into a better version of myself.

With a strong sense of self, a wonderful place to call home, amazing friends and a partner who inspires, challenges and supports me, heading into my thirties feels great.

I will kick off my thirties with finally traveling to one of my dream destinations. On Thursday I head to Iceland and Reykjavik for an amazing weekend with my dear friend Veera and a group of Scandinavian bloggers.

Here’s to at least another 30 years of meeting good people, enjoying life, seeing the world and growing even wiser.

– live slow and stay wild! // Rania

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