Entry 030 // Spring and that blank page

I read, listen and watch. I think a lot and opinions and ideas take form. I have good conversations with the people around me. Then I come here to get some of it out, put my thoughts down into words. I stare at the blank page and nothing happens.

Screens. I feel sick of them, and I feel like I don’t care. About getting my thoughts out, about filling this space with more posts. My presence on internet feels insignificant. Which, with my line of work, is not how I should feel. But I just want to explore the world, roam around, actually meet with people and talk.

That’s why I am so excited that I am having my first workshop soon. I will get to travel in Sweden, spend a few days in a really nice location and meet with people to talk about my passion of storytelling, photography and close by adventures. Together with 10 participants I will spend an early weekend in June in the forests outside of Furudal outside Rättvik, in collaboration with Visit Dalarna. I will be tell my story and teaching what I know to give people the tools to tell theirs.

Read an interview with me about it here,
and book a spot if you’re interested!

While all of this is really exciting, and I feel the need to be with people and converse – I also know that I really like this space, my little bubble on internet. I cherish the connection I have with those of you that read what I have to say, and that take time to comment and be a part of the conversation. I don’t know why I feel so stuck.

I’ve made some great work-related posts lately, but those genuine, personal journal entries… They’re hard to get out. Maybe I need a vacation of some sorts.

Spring is definitely helping with my mood. The evenings are warm and bright, we play boardgames, enjoy good beer and my love plays music on the couch. The sunsets are golden and life is good.

Luckily, Easter break is here, and while I do not care for the holiday it’s nice that Dan gets some time off work. Tomorrow we hop on a train to go down south. We’ll spend a week in Borås and Gothenburg and it will be nice to show him a different part of Sweden and parts of my life before he met me. Both those cities are quite lovely to spend time in during spring and I cannot wait to enjoy the warmth, BBQ in my parents backyard, the smell of all the flowers and of course to meet my friends that live there!

Beer in a mason jar

Bird in Hand by Stigbergets brewery is my new favourite beer! I’m excited to visit their bar when we go to Gothenburg!

Plants in a sunny window
bare feet and a book on a sofa
A man sitting on a couch playing guitar
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    17 April, 2019

    Ive enjoyed getting to know you through your stories on line. Soon you will be vacationing in Canada and meeting Dan’s family and I am looking forward to finally meeting you in person.
    Good Luck with your speaking tour. Eh!

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      Northbound Journeys

      18 April, 2019

      Oh thank you Doreen, that’s so nice to hear! Yes there’s not a lot of time left until we finally come to visit and I look forward to it so much! I agree, it will be very nice to meet in person. Thank you, I’m excited and nervous at the same time but I know it’ll go well and that I will enjoy it :)

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    18 April, 2019

    I feel very similar, it’s so strange – maybe it’s typical to feel this way, at this point in life. I’ve been fiddling about with the design of my blog for months, contemplating starting all over again, trying to work out my ‘why’, trying to decide on a direction to take. It all feels pretty meaningless, but at the same time quite vital. I hope we both find a way to move forward soon. Have a great time down south xx

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