November came out of nowhere

Luci is in my lap chasing her tail or tugging at my sweater while I am trying to type. Calico cats can apparently have a bit of a temperament. Who knew? But oh how we love her.

The skies are clear this morning and the light is welcome. The darkness of November came out of nowhere and adjusting seems harder this year. But I suppose everything is harder this year. My mug is filled to the brim with dark, strong coffee. The news are on at low volume in the background as I’m listening to the coverage of the election. Remember when we could just wake up the day after and have a result? But it’s of course all going down 2020 style, extra chaotic.

Other parts of Sweden have stricter restrictions put in place now and are suggesting a harder lockdown. The second wave has hit. Here in Sundsvall life continues to be pretty normal, as it always has. Our everyday lives has not really changed that much since the pandemic hit and it makes me feel weird when friends and family across the globe continue to have a very different experience.

This week has been a bit of struggle, coming back to work after the fall break has felt hard. The darkness and uncertainty in the world makes it difficult to stay focused. I mostly want to escape somewhere else through words in a book. I am reading a lot more again and I really enjoy it. But life needs to continue moving forward and thus work needs to be done.

What are you up to and how are you feeling during these strange times?

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