Autumn and fishing in Norway

arctic train through Norway

I can’t stop feeling utterly grateful to live in Scandinavia. A few days ago I got on a train in Sundsvall in the evening, and 17 hours later I woke up far up north. Eventually the train rolled over the border and in through the mountains of Norway. They stood blue and tall, the perfect backdrop for autumn and it took my breath away. Traveling through Scandinavia is so easy and it’s so good damn beautiful here – I am less and less intrigued to hop on a plane and fly places far away, there’s so much to explore in this place I am lucky enough to call home!

This was my second trip to Norway, and very different from last summer when we were more south exploring the picturesque city of Bergen.

By taking the arctic train all the way to Narvik I was able to spend a few amazing days in northern Norway. In Tennevoll, Lavangen I lived in a cabin and hung out with my friend Amanda enjoying the views, fresh mountain air and some fishing in the fjords before it was time to capture her wedding.

this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Olympus Sverige

autumn in the mountains of Norway

Ever since I started taking photos more seriously way back in 2008, I have been using Nikon. It was available for me to try when I decided what camera to get, and after that I’ve stuck with it simply because the system has been familiar to me, I’ve known all the dials and buttons in my sleep. Over the years I have also accumulated a lot of lenses that goes with Nikon so it’s been a natural consequence to keep using it.

But a big DSLR is heavy and quite cumbersome to travel with. Since I often find myself journeying through Sweden and Scandinavia, hiking and spending time in nature, I don’t want to bring big, heavy camera gear. So I’ve been using other smaller cameras from another brand for hikes, instagram photos and every day life. But they have not really been good enough for work so I’ve still needed my DSLR for professional photos. The result: I’ve had two different cameras, two systems and lenses for both. Ugh!

This has been a solution, but cumbersome in it’s own way and for a while now I’ve been looking for one system (to rule them all), and I have considered abandoning Nikon. Sadly their wifi functions are not very good, and as I travel I love that I can use my phone to transfer photos to easily upload them to Instagram and that I can use my phone as a remote instead of bringing that as well.

Less is more!

Now it has finally happened; I’ve switched from Nikon to use only Olympus, a complete switch in systems where all the buttons and dials behave very differently. Spending a few days in Norway was a great way to get to know my new gear a lot better, it’s all about shooting a lot now until it is all a part of my muscle memory.

All photos are shot on the Olympus OM-D EM-1 MKII using the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO .

fish tails on a wall
man & dog going fishing
feather on a beach
coffee in the mountains of Norway
woman fishing in Norway
fjord in northern Norway
freshly caught fish on a table

this post was made in collaboration with Olympus Sverige

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