Autumn equinox & weekend vibes

I don’t know how many times I have said or written the sentence “fall always feels like the start of a new cycle for me”. It just has this air of one chapter ending and a new one beginning. It’s what nature does, and what we used to do, as we harvest what’s been growing over the summer and preparing for winter. The seasons are changing and with that our pace as well. The darkness leads us to slow down and hunker up inside with stews and soup, candles and mulled wine.

I love it. Every year.

This years is of course no exception. Except that it’s not just the feeling of a new year, but this year I start a new chapter in life. Today me and Dan have been together for five years, and two weeks ago we got engaged. We did it our way of course, not the way people might expect. It was during a casual conversation at a party where what I was saying kind of just… took us there, and Dan looked at me and asked “Are you proposing?” and I said “Yeah, I suppose I am”.

He then proclaimed loudly to our friends that I had proposed and that he said yes. And that was that haha. It feels great!

couple session by Fanni Herman
couple session by Fanni Herman
These beautiful photos were taken a few years ago by my dear friend Fanni Hermán

I mean we are who we are, as individuals and as a couple, an engagement does not change that. But it does feel amazing that my partner and best friend said yes to spending the rest of his life with me, and I with him. 5 years and I’m still head over heels in love with him and I am so excited for our future.

As we move on to our sixth year together we have started thinking about buying a home. We don’t know when that will happen as many different variables need to come together for that to be possible. But it is exciting to think about. I really look forward to knowing a house is ours so that it feels more worthwhile to spend time renovating and making it the way I want it. Currently I don’t want to invest to much time and money into that when we are renting our current home. Then we will of course continue spending time outdoors, climbing, travelling, cooking, exploring board games and craft beer – all the things we love doing together.

Aaah, it’s autumn equinox and Friday on top of that, so with this new chapter starting and feeling the weekend vibes I am in a very good mood. I am making good progress on a travel article I’m writing and I’m taking screen breaks to dance around listening to Hooja while doing some cleaning.

It’s so good to get up and move often when sitting in front of a computer, and dancing is a great way to do that! With that said, I hope you’re having a really good day and that you’re taking the time to dance and have fun! I wish you all a nice weekend, and a cozy fall.

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