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Strong coffee & autumn vibes at Dundret

Autumn vibes at Dundret © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

Váhtjerduottar is it’s name in Sapmí. We call it Dundret, a small fell outside of Gällivare and Malmberget – always visible in the distance. The entire mountain is a nature reserve and protected since 1970.

I’m up north visiting my grandma yesterday evening I decided to head up the mountain with my cousin and his friend. Fresh mountain air, vast views and the last golden sunshine was exactly what I needed. I craved some wilderness and nature after being cooped up inside.

I’ve spent the last couple of days watching my childhood home being torn down, and the same goes for the house my grandma lived in for 27 years. I’ve stood watching some buildings go down while others have been moved to completely new areas.

The mine here gives and it takes.

Woman standing on Dundret © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

Höst på Dundret © Rowan Tree Photography |

I did not really appreciate the closeness to nature as a child, and when I got older I always thought it was good that we left this place – I wouldn’t have liked it here anyways. But now I envy the closeness to the mountains. What a luxury to be able to head up here just to enjoy some coffee in such a grand landscape!

My cousin Axel had brought firewood, a coffee pot and lemmelkaffe – what a hero! We scared a few rock ptarmigans when we came walking and they quickly flew away. We also spotted a few hikers at the beginning of the path but then we were all alone on the mountain. The water in the creeks was icy cold and the lingon berries tasted lovely now that the first frost had hit a few nights ago. 

To be honest I don’t know the rules for being in a nature reserve – maybe one is not allowed to make a fire? My cousin didn’t know either but we made sure to be very careful (which one should always be with fire outside) by choosing a good, safe location, have water close at hand and use a lot of water when putting it out. 

Thank you dear autumn with your warm colors, cool air and golden light. Thank you Dundret for your amazing views and thank you to my cousin for the coffee – I truly needed this evening.

Young man in the mountains © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

opening a pack of Lemmelkaffe © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

handling a coffee pot covered in soot © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

young people around a fire © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

coffee pot in a fire © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

man making coffee over a fire © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

woman sitting on a rock in the mountains © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

autumn and golden hour on Dundret © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

man whistling on a mountain © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

cleaning a coffee pot in the mountains © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |

man in the sunset © Rania Rönntoft, Northbound Media |


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