Traveling in Dalarna is like experiencing Sweden in a miniature. The mountains and the Sami culture, the lakes and mountains, the red cottages, the craft tradition and the exciting industrial history all come together here. I have been here many times and often find myself coming back for more.

Quick Facts

Area: 28,189 km²
Population: 287,191 (2019)
Largest city: Borlänge
Province flower: Scottish Bluebell

One of my most magical days of my life was spent here when me and a few friends hiked through Fulufjällets National Park. It was so beautiful there and the nature so incredibly varied within one location. From open fields to deep forest and mountains. This is also home to Sweden’s largest waterfall and Dalarna is where I hosted my very first workshop on photography and close by adventures. I’ve also come here with my partner to enjoy an active vacation together hiking, canoeing and camping. As you can tell, there are a lot of reasons to visit Dalarna!