Driftwood and fire

walking towards the beach

Last Sunday we once again decided to escape the city life and together with our friends we headed out to the coast.

After a short walk through a forest we came out onto a rocky beach. The sun shone through the trees as we gathered drift wood and made a fire. We used bigger logs to build benches and then we made dinner and engaged in those good conversations that always seem to happen around a fire.

I love our little outings so much. Our friends are amazing, spending time with them is great and truly value having them in my life. I can’t say it often enough: How grateful I am that Dan walked into to my life and brought this awesome bunch with him!

As the sun was setting behind the trees and the embers had faded it got too cold to stay, so we walked back to the car.

Through the pines and firs a beautiful, golden sunset emerged and bid us farewell.

gathering driftwood


man with a box of matches

driftwood and fire

woman taking a photo of sea

man cutting a sausage

hand holding a sandwich

man putting ketchup on a sausage

girl drinking a cider by the sea

women around a fire

marshmallow roasting over fire

sunset in a forest

sunset in a forest

a car on a parking lot during sunset

sunset through a car window

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