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Evening bouldering at Juniskär

The days are incredibly hot and we spend most of them outside playing disc golf, biking to a lake for a swim, slack-lining in the park etc. We’re just taking it slow, living day by day and being very spontaneous with our activities. It has been too hot to climb, but the evenings by the sea – now that’s a different story.

It’s past dinner time when we meet up with our friends, load up the crash pads in the car and head out for some evening bouldering at Juniskär.

woman driving car

After a short hike through the forest we reach the boulders and the sea breeze is lovely. We climb, snack and laugh. Scour our legs against the rock, get chalk in our hair and sweat trickling down our backs. We sometimes fall but mostly we all succeed and some of us top out on boulders more gracefully than others. In the perpetual dusk we go for a refreshing swim before leaving.

To me this is pure joy and freedom. Living slow and staying wild.

Forest in Sweden

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climber with a crashpad
woman looking out over the sea
climber by the sea
female climber and her spotter
woman enjoying the evening sun
climbers scrambling over rocks
woman taking photos on her phone
woman hiking in the sunset
couple swimming in the evening
forest and sea in the sunset

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