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Being equipped to go exploring nature in the rain

≫ this post is made in collaboration with Lundhags and Millican

The rain is pouring down and thin clouds are pushed up from the valley, rolling past the window like smoke from a chimney. The weather is constantly moving and changing in the mountains and I love how temperamental it is. It’s a Saturday morning and I am in Järvsö, we’ve rented a cabin for the weekend together with a group of friends.

They all just headed out mountain biking and I am all alone.

While listening to the rain and some soft music I sit and sketch for a bit, then pack my gear, a sandwich and some trail mix – getting ready to head out for a forest hike. I don’t like letting the weather stop me, so by dressing properly I can still enjoy my weekend here and oh my, nature is beautiful during and after a rain!

This was a much needed break from the town we live in and the bustle of work and every day life. We have both been working a lot lately, with many different projects and so it was nice to get a little breather for a few days.

How have you guys been doing with heading outside or on small outings these days?

cabin life in Järvsö
sketchbook and pencil case
I always bring my pens in my Core Pencil Case
rain drops on grass

I am extremely grateful that my camera gear is weather sealed, and that I over the years have switched out my wardrobe to fewer things but good things that can enable me to be outside regardless of the weather. I happily walked around in the pouring rain with my camera out and couldn’t have cared less about getting wet! I’m not necessarily nerdy about the need for stuff, but it’s a great feeling of freedom knowing that I have what I need to brace the elements and enjoy nature to it’s fullest.

woman hiking in a misty forest
pine needles in the rain
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spruce shoots
A foggy forest
Pine tree closeup
woman taking photos in the forest
The Millican Core Roll Pack 20l
The Core Collection is Millican’s latest one and the products are made using 100% recycled post consumer plastic waste
klean kanteen water bottle

I really love my new bag, it is great for smaller day trips and when I go grocery shopping. The roll top makes it so that I can easily expand it when needed, or just close tighter when I’m not carrying as much. The compartmentalisation is excellent and makes it easy to organise my things and reach what I need. The little open “kangaroo pouch” (as I like to call it) is where my first aid kit always lives – visible and accessible!

The buckles are all metal and the fabric is made from 100% post -consumer plastic waste; recycled discarded bottles have been remade into a bag for life! It’s of course also sturdy, waterproof and ready for adventures with a PU1000 coating on the back and C0 DWR treatment.

My only negative feedback is the lack of a sternum strap and waist belt. Millican wanted to keep the pack small, light and user friendly for a range of different people which I understand – but at least a small sternum strap offers a lot of extra support and takes some weight of the shoulders which I think this pack could’ve had.

Read more about The Core Roll Pack 20l here
woman hiking in the rain

As I came back from my hike the sun was starting to shine through the clouds a little bit and with everything wet the colors of nature where so vibrant and glistening, it was absolutely beautiful! I took some photos outside the cabin before I headed inside where I changed to dry clothes and sat down to relax while waiting for my friends came back, and then we BBQ’ed and had a lovely evening!

bumblebee and lupins
I used an Olympus OM-D E-M1 MKII + 40-100mm f/4.0 IS PRO & 45mm f/1.2 PRO for the photos in this post
lupins and a cabin

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  1. A beautiful story has a good beginning and a good end. You tell beautiful stories. I would like to say magical. Because even bad weather does matter.