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Still life of photo art from Printler

Have you found what speaks to you?

For me it’s nature, earthy tones, soft light and rough textures like linen, leather and old wood. The crisp air during fall and golden sunsets. This is what speaks to me and inspires me in my photography, but also in how I decorate my home.

Now that we’ve lived here for a few months we feel settled in and it’s time for the final touch: To put up art on the walls!

We have a lot of dark green and lush plants, decorations we’ve made ourselves out of natural materials and furniture in heavy, rustic wood – so it will fit really well to decorate with nature inspired prints. Which is exactly the type of art I have for sale through Printler. I’ve created art I would want myself.

Still life of photo art from Printler

Like my prints AGAVE, Cabbage and Pine Cone. In all of them I’ve been so inspired by what nature has created in terms of colors, patterns and textures. I know I am biased but they are honestly so beautiful as prints on a wall – I love them!

As a little gift from me this weekend you’ll get 20% off my prints! Just use the code rania20* during checkout. * The code is valid from today, September 7, to Monday, September 10. 

What type of photo art do you keep on your walls, and what inspires you in terms of decorating your home?

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