Finding energy in the forest

The trees turn more yellow for each passing day and when we wake up the rooftops are covered in frost. I cannot believe that October is here already! As I mentioned in my previous journal entry, I’ve been feeling a little down here in the city.

Last week I tried to remedy that by heading out to the countryside to spend some time with my dear friend Linnea.

red house on the Swedish countryside

We spent some time at their place having coffee and tea, working with images and chatting. I opened their door a number of times and called out to their cat but he never came. Their neighbours cat did though, so I got to cuddle a little bit at least.

After that we packed our bags with some more fika and headed out to the forest. We both needed to load up on some energy from nature and for a change, I actually modelled for Linnéa since she had a few ideas for images. Her photos from the day can be see here.

It felt so great to hear the crunching of leaves under my boots, to smell the fir trees and to walk amongst the tall pines. I miss nature so so much and I need to remember to be kind to myself and give myself more time outside.

We sat on the top of a small mountain, overlooking lakes and trees in beautiful colors while enjoying our fika. Well, we did not bring anything to eat and Linnéa only brought hot water but forgot her tea haha! But we had a lovely time and after this I felt a lot better and my spirits where lifted!

Besides taking photos, I also made a little vlog from this day because lately I have been feeling more inspired to work with video again, I hope you enjoy it together with the images. Oh and by the way, thank you for all of your comments lately – they are lovely and mean the world to me! ♥︎

driving on a road during autumn

red houses on the countryside

woman walking in forest

autumn forest

woman smiling and looking up and trees

photographer by a cabin

Photographer using a Nikon D610

a hand holding a cup of coffee outside

woman wearing a hat drinking coffee in the forest

A lake and fall colors

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  1. Åh det var en så mysig utflykt! Blev inspirerad att gå ut igen nu när jag tittade på videon. Får skynda mig innan det blir mörkt. Och haha, den där katten alltså. :D

  2. Beautiful video! With what camera do you usually film videos? Do you use gimbal? I tried once but I was sooo trembling…. :/
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! I mostly film with my Lumix GX8 from Panasonic but some shots are filmed with my Nikon D610 as well. I just bought a gimbal but in this video it’s all handheld. I’ve learned to film more steadily and I also stabilise a little in post :) Thanks and keep practicing!!

  3. Blev alldeles tårögd av den här videon, tack för att du delar med dig av detta. Jag kan relatera så otroligt mycket. Hösten är min favoritårstid också. Kram <3