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Exploring forests and rivers in Dalarna

The warm autumn colours glisten in the sunlight as we pack the car and head out. It’s October 6, 2017 and a beautiful autumn day in Dalarna. We’re on our way to Fjätfallen, one of the many magical places Katta shows us during our stay. 

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Upon our arrival we are met with a loud thundering from the power of the waterfall and we immediately scatter and start exploring the area with our cameras.

People at Fjätfallen, Dalarna

autumn puddle

Even though the falls are beautiful and the power of water amaze me I feel the pull of the forest, there’s nothing I love more (ok maybe mountains…), so while the others stay and take pictures of the waters I go and explore the trees, leaves and pine cones.

There’s a beautiful forest behind a windbreak and eventually we all gather to head in amongst the tall trees together. The air is rich with the smell of coniferous trees and wet dirt. It’s a lovely hike where we occasionally stop to eat blueberries whilst trying to wave the midges away.

I acquire a good hiking staff (which I am later reluctant to leave behind) and after a while, we come upon a small cabin.

It’s empty now but hopefully someone has made use of it to escape their everyday life by coming here during the summers. Personally, I could see myself living like this on a permanent basis, well away from the bustling city life.

If not, I would at least like to have a safe haven like this to escape to as much as possible.

hand tossing leaves and pine cone

woman hiking in an autumn forest

woman walking through an old forest

pine cone in crisp leaves

woman walking in a forest holding a camera

a cabin in the woods

river running through a forest during fall

woman with green backpack overlooking a river

After being amazed by the beauty of the forest and all the autumn colors we hike back to the windbreak.

We pause here to cook lunch over an open fire; Katta has brought ingredients for some delicious grilled sandwiches! She’s really spoling me, Helena, Daniel and Katarina with the most amazing food.

Our day trip ends with us enjoying a few cups of coffee black as midnight on a moonless night. And yes, I quote Twin Peaks because that’s what damn good coffee should look like.

backpack, blanket and sandwich grill

preparing sandwiches to grill

sandwich grill in a wind shelter

an old pile of lumber

making grilled sandwiches over an open fire

grilled sandwiches cooked over fire

making coffee over open fire

enamel mug with coffee

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