Freelance work to do from home

Freelance work from home

After my latest post with 5 tips on how to work from home I got some questions in regards to what I actually do. So I thought I would share some of the work I can do remotely, and that I am focusing a little extra on right now. Because like most people I’ve had a few job assignments cancelled and I am trying to stay at home as much as possible.

In times like these I am grateful that I’m already an established digital nomad and that I have made sure I get my income from several different things. I am less vulnerable since I’ve made sure I don’t keep my eggs in one basket. On their own, these things would not be enough but together they make it work. Here are some things I am working on right now:

Deliver images for my image agency

I am a part of Scandinav and Johnér, two leading image agencies here in Sweden. They’re platforms where corporations and businesses can buy photos they need for their advertisement or infographics, their own websites or catalogues etc. It’s a great passive income which is a really nice thing to have.

So now that I am home a lot and have more time, I am going through my image catalogues selecting photos to deliver to them. I’ve been very busy lately and kind of neglecting this so now is an excellent to catch up and update my collection with them. After uploading a bunch of photos the agency then chooses which ones they think will sell and then I upload the high resolution versions. After that they take care of adding relevant tags and keywords making sure the photos come up when clients search the website.

While being at home I can also take new photos for the agency of simple things like interior details, food, hands doing things and portraits (I use myself a lot as I need a signed model release).

Make jewellery

About six months ago me and Dan started a little creative hobby on the side. He had previously had a business in Canada making bent wooden rings and after teaching me how to do it last summer we started crafting together on the side of our regular jobs. It’s such a nice way for me to get a break from the screen, work with my hands and craft something tactile.

I love the creative process and to spend my evenings with him in our workshop making beautiful pieces people want to wear. We’ve made a few engagement rings lately which has been really fun and an honour. Currently we are working on a few orders that will go out to both Sweden, Canada, Dubai, Spain and Japan which is so cool!

I am also in charge of taking the photos of our jewellery and run our instagram account which luckily I can also do from home!

Woodbound Designs

Create new prints for my shop

Another thing I can do from home is manage my print shop as well as create new art for it. This is another part of my business that can just kind of live on it’s own on the side and provide a passive income. Once again, making sure I do not have all my eggs in one basket.

visit my print shop
floral photo print
Content for my channels

This is also the perfect opportunity to work on my Instagram feed, write blog posts and film for YouTube. There are so many photos taken at different times that never make it to my feed or portfolio, so now I can sort through them, edit and get them uploaded. There’s also so many ideas for articles to write and not enough time. Same goes for filming and editing videos!

Here’s my latest video, and don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube if you haven’t!

Overall I have to say trying to stay inside and finding new ways to earn money has made me very productive and after talking to some other freelancers they seem to be having similar experiences.

Are you guys currently working from home and how is it going? What are you doing?

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  1. Love this blog post! Those rings are absolutely stunning and so unusual. That’s a nice plan to have your eggs in different baskets, and good to pursue things that will give passive income :)

    1. Oh thank you Cat, I’m glad to hear you like it! And I’m super happy to hear you like the rings we make. I love the materials we work with and it’s so nice to get a break from the digital world and craft using my hands. Yes, I think spreading your work out is always good, but especially now I notice how vulnerable one can be if you’re only reliant on one thing, and passive incomes are great!