Grow with the flow

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It’s finally happening. 2020 is coming to an end. Wow, what a year. Personally it has not hit me too hard, but I am glad to move on. For me the transition to a new year, or chapter of life of you will, happens when the seasons change and fall turns into winter. But I know December 31st is a marker for most and that it feels hopeful to be heading into 2021.

I hope you are all well and that you managed to enjoy cozy holidays even though the restrictions are harder now. We need to remember the good it does for all of us in the long run! We’ve been taking it slow, not stressing about Christmas and just played loads of board games.

I’ve actually been feeling really good lately, which feels kind of weird to say in these times… But my body feels strong from all the climbing were doing and I’m starting to really see it as well, makes me proud and eager to continue! My days working have been very productive as well, mostly due to the fact that I have been more structured and for some reason more energetic and eager to get a lot of things done.

I am stoked for the things that are in the pipeline for next year

Me and Dan are really enjoying crafting jewellery together and we’ve started building a website for Woodbound . We might make it a business next year and we’re even considering moving to a bigger place in order to have an entire room as a workshop / office. To share a passion and a craft with my partner and make it be something we can potentially earn a living doing feels amazing.

This partnership really makes me reflect on precious relationships. This is not just a romantic endeavour. In Dan I have found my best friend, a family member, a business partner and someone that is inspiring me to be the best version of myself.

I have grown so much as a person these last couple of years, both physically and mentally. It feels so incredible and I am proud of myself. I am getting stronger, becoming more secure in who I am, less afraid, learning a lot of new things and constantly acquiring new skills.

Grow with the flow

With that said I also want to make some changes around in how I use my social media channels. I’ve seen Instagram and the blog as my portfolio and a way to get work, mostly within influencing / content creation. So I’ve kept it pretty niched. But I think moving forward I want to be more transparent and personal. Show more of How I get work as a content creator, influencer and photographer. Invite you into the process.

I want to share more from all aspects of my life, not just the outdoors part. Which is funny since it’s only a few years ago I started a new blog and instagram because I wanted to move away from sharing about all aspects of my life. But, we’re constantly growing and changing, I am happy to embrace that! I also want to work more as a photographer and less with pushing products as an influencer. When I do collaborations it’s important for me that it’s more about nature tourism and / or sustainability and for next year I want to push that even more.

I hope you will all continue to follow, comment and chat with me as social media to me is all about connections. It would be very empty here without all of you ♥︎

Live slow and stay wild! // Rania

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