Living Slow & Staying Wild

Morning coffee in a Chemex

Slow living. A phrase and way of life that has become increasingly popular. For me it used to mean living on the countryside, paying very little rent, not spending money in town and thus affording to work less and live more. But I did not really do that much with the time I had. A few years have passed and I’m older now. I’d like to think I am a little wiser too. And my views of slow living has shifted. Slow does not mean you should not do anything. One can lead a busy life but still follow the ideas around slow living. It’s all about intent, really. Listening to your inner voice and being aware of life, making active and well thought on choices.

I am currently practicing intent in a few different ways:

For one I am giving myself more time in conversations. I used to talk way too much, way too fast and interrupt people a lot. I am still quite chatty but I am trying to be more aware in the moment, listening to those around me and not immediately butting in or replying. It’s okay for a conversation to be quiet for a bit. And so I weigh what’s been said in my mind and I think more, choosing my words, before speaking. This allows me to sift through my owns thoughts better and I end up having much deeper conversations now, and they usually leave more of an impact with me.

The second thing I am working more on is being more in tune with my body. I am practicing having the courage to say no when I don’t want to do something, or opting out from gatherings because I need some alone time. I am also really trying to feel what my body needs in terms of food. After a week in Barcelona with a lot of bread, cheese and meat I am now having kale, chickpeas, sweet potatoes and fish. Instead of rushing to make coffee solely for the sake of caffeine in the morning, I take the time to weight and grind my beans, measure the amount water and brew using my Chemex. The process is slow and makes me grounded in the morning, and in the end the coffee ends up tasting so much better!

2020 will be a year of grown and change for me personally, but also for me and Dan as a couple. We are pondering life a lot lately and I think we’re adding more intent to our way of life. I also think similar changes and thoughts are flowing through our closest friends group, and as we converse about this I feel that we are almost moving in unison like a flock of migrating birds or school of fish. I am excited to see where this mindful, intentional mindset will take us as travel, laugh, create, cry and explore: Both individually and together!

For me the return of the light is very present in my everyday life. It’s the beginning of March and the days are longer and brighter and the sun creates beautiful shadow plays on our walls at home. The photographer in me has cried out with joy at this and I feel my energy and inspiration return – and with it the lust to create!

What are you aware of right now?

Olympus OM-D EM5 MKIII / EM1 MKII + 17mm f/1.2

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One Comment

  1. Hej Rania,

    oh ja. Allowing someone to finish talking wants to be learned. But there are sometimes interlocutors that I don’t want to let finish. Do you know that? It always depends on who sits in front of you. I do not just have to learn to let finish. Rather to have the flair for when i let them finish and when i don’t. I’m still working on that. Because everyone is different. And sometimes I would just like to say nothing and listen to someone. For hours and hours. But you can’t expect to anyone who is talking to you. At least not to your friends. Or maybe … ?

    There is one more thing I want to be aware of. I think I love the nature of northern Sweden without have been ever there. And that’s the problem. Do I just think I love Northern Sweden or do I really? Is it just a rapture that will pass sometime? Do I even want it to pass? Another thing that appeals to me in the far north is not just nature, but the supposedly few people. I don´t like to travel very much. And i’ve become quite shy about people in recent years. Northern Sweden is surely not deserted either. I think people live also up there with all their joys and worries. And if I lived up there, as I often dream of, would I be able to get along with the people there? Sure, not all people are equal there either. I am also not the same every day. But if not there, then where? Maybe i will find sometime a way to get me not where i would like to be but where I am already mentally.

    I´m looking forward to your next pictures … as always and

    I wish you and Dan to grow.
    Individually and together.
    May enough ground be below
    and above needed room either.

    Hejdå, kära vän.
    Skål och Kram! ❤,