Luci the Cat

Sliding cold feet into knitted socks in the morning. Fog rolling in over the mountain and the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen. A kitten tugging at my robe.

Oh yes. Fall has arrived and I have a cat again!

Meet Luci, a 12 weeks old calico. Her looks peaked my interest right away but of course personality and being healthy is the most important aspect of getting a cat, so last Monday we went to visit her. When the owners opened the door to let us in she came running towards me and as I picked her up she started purring like crazy.

She came home with us that day.

We did not even need to use a transporter cage. She sat in Dans lap looking out the window for a bit and then just fell asleep. Being in a car wasn’t scary. Neither was coming to a new place. She started exploring and quickly made this her home.

She is super affectionate and social, and so far she sleeps through the night with us which is amazing. She is a wonderful new family member and I am really enjoying her company while working from home. Right now she’s asleep on the desk infront of me while I work on images from a photoshoot (and writing this post).

You can certainly expect to see more of her, but you can also follow her on Instagram if you enjoy the cat content and want a little extra kitten exposure in your life.

kitten by her toy
kitten on kitchen table

Live slow and stay wild! // Rania & Luci

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