Swedish Midsummer celebrations

It’s already been a week since we celebrated Midsummer, one of my favourite holidays that we have here in Sweden – I love how in tune with nature it is. We gather with friends and family to have a good time and celebrate the longest day of the year, summer and the light. Compared to other holidays it’s also a lot more stress free.

It’s tradition to head out to the countryside, and for the second year in a row we celebrated it at my friends parents place, and as always it was just wonderful! We arrived during the day and had some coffee and Swedish fika together, then we put up the Swedish flag and birch decorations while waiting for the beer to get cold.

After having some cake and pie we decorated the maypole and then we walked out onto the field to pick flowers for our wreaths. We sat down in the sun to make them while talking, laughing and drinking.

red house and purple flowers
rhubarb pie
midsummer fika
Swedish fika, black coffee
putting up the Swedish flag
Mikkeller beer
decorating the maypole for midsummer
picking flowers in a field
purple flowers in a field
picking flowers and drinking beer
making midsummer wreaths
woman making a midsummer wreath
friends on midsummer
Dan and my friends Kim & Millington are my family here, love them!

In the evening we BBQ, sing some songs and drink snaps and then as the sun dips low and makes everything glow golden we walk out onto the field again. We soak in the magic of the summer equinox before heading home where we decide to sit up on our roof and watch the city go to sleep.

woman walking on a summer field in the sunset
purple flowers in a field
woman walking on a summer field in the sunset
flower field in the sunset
portrait of a woman with a floral crown in the sunset
Sundsvall after sunset

All of these photos where shot on the new Lumix G90 with the Lumix G Vario 12-35mm f/2.8

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