Monday Journal

My Monday mornings always start with bullet journaling. I make the spread for the week, input things into the calendar and make a weekly to do list. It’s a wonderful way to start a new week and helps me get a grip on what I have to do, while also allowing me to be a bit creative.

This week I also went for a morning walk after breakfast. My friend is away snowboarding for a few days so I am taking care of her cat Astrid. She is expecting kittens soon and I am so excited! Will we get a play friend for Luci? I want to say “no, we can’t fit another cat”, but… can’t we?

I spent the morning editing photos and doing admin work, and for lunch I tossed together some left over oven baked veggies with noddles, pak-choi, chickpeas, radishes and an egg.

noodles, vegetables & an egg

I end up spending most of my workday by the computer. It’s a mix of editing photos, emailing with a client and planning props for an upcoming shoot. I also spend some time researching a brand that I plan on reaching out to with a more long term collaboration proposal.

One of the most fun things I am editing right now is definitely portraits of my friend Evelina that I took last Sunday. She’s an amazing singer and about to release her first single so she needed some photos for marketing purposes as well as an album cover.

Portraits of Evelina Bergqvist

Luci spends her day sleeping on the couch, running around like only a kitten can, meowing by the door and being absolutely adorable the entire time. She has a little bruise on her chin now because someone decided it was a good idea to sneak out the window the other day – and we live on the third floor!

All of a sudden we just could not find her in the apartment. But we had tied a string to the window so it could not open far enough for her to fit through. I guess the string must have stretched… After not finding her anywhere we went outside and sure enough, there she was. That she only has that bruise to show for it is incredible.

cat on a chair

When Dan got home from work we walked to pick up our newest family member: A car! I am excited to write more about it later but here are a few quick things we are especially excited about with being car owners:

  • Meal planning and proper grocery shopping

We walk or bike everywhere and so we pick up groceries for 1-2 days at a time and at the local ICA in town. With a car we’ll be able to plan for an entire week, go out to one of the bigger and cheaper grocery stores and buy everything at ones. This will both simplify life and save us money in the long run. And going to and from places on our bikes will be easier since we don’t have to stop by ICA all the time during the week.

  • Outdoor Bouldering

We do not climb outside nearly as much as we want to, because we’ve always needed to catch a ride with someone. And it’s not just about hopping in a car – it’s about fitting a few crash pads as well. But now we can just go whenever we want to and easily join our friends from the climbing gym which we are beyond stoked about!

Click here to read my post from when we went bouldering outside last summer
  • Learning to drive

Yes, this means that after all these years I am ready. I will learn how to drive. There have been very few times in my life where I have wished I could drive, but now I am excited to acquire that skill. It certainly helps that we have a very modern, smart car and that it’s automatic. So maybe a year from now I’ll be able to drive out to the forest to take photos during the day while Dan is at work? That’s the goal!

Well, that was what my Monday looked like. How was yours? I am by the way really enjoying just popping in to write more spontaneously about everyday things. Do you like these kinds of posts?

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  1. I’m actually surprised that anyone can live in Sweden without a car. In Belgium, I used to live next to a grocery shop, and had a bus stop a few meters from my home. My car was mostly used to get out of the city to walk my dogs. Now it’s the opposite, I can walk my dogs by just stepping outside (that was my dream), but to get anywhere in a reasonable time, we use a car. We do plan meals and while normally we might stop at a shop for a snack or something small, now one of us goes shopping every 2 weeks or so. I also love taking my car into the woods, go camping and exploring. There is so much to see!

    1. I think that really depends on where in Sweden you live and what your lifestyle looks like. We live in the middle of a small town where everything is very easily accessible by bike. But it has meant we buy groceries almost every day so I really look forward to meal planning! We feel very uninspired with cooking right now though… But mostly we got the car to access nature more easily to go hiking, biking and climbing :)