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Switzerland pt. III – Mountain biking in the Swiss alps

Zermatt is a very big ski resort but make no mistake, there’s plenty to do here in the other seasons as well. There’s plenty of hiking and biking trails available. One of our days here when the sun was actually shining for a change we headed to a bike shop in Zermatt. 

There we rented bikes and helmets and then we took them up the mountain in a lift together with our guide Max. 

Swiss mountains above Zermatt

taking the lift up in the Swiss alps

mountain biker coming down a mountain

Even as I write this post I find it hard to believe that was actually there doing this. I used to be such a scaredy cat, afraid of heights, speed and anything that felt unsafe. On top of that I really did not like biking. 

But, last year I suddenly found myself standing high in the Swiss mountains with a bike, about to head down the muddy paths. It was not as steep as I thought it would be though, and it went just fine. Granted, I held the breaks the entire time and went really slow, walked my bike where it felt extra sketchy. 

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Trying this was fun though, and I am glad I challenged myself. Since then I’ve grown more accustomed to trying new things and taking controlled risks. I have my beloved one to thank for that, and climbing. It has made me stronger, taught me more about my body and about being dynamic.

Also, I’ve biked so much this past year. It’s my number one mode of transportation in town and I am more comfortable with it, and now how to use a bike better now. I have not done mountain biking again though – not yet.

Oh and really, mountain biking in Switzerland came with the most amazing views!

mountain biker going down the mountain

Of course though, the weather continued to work against us and he soon spotted clouds coming our way that where definitely storm clouds. So, we couldn’t stop on all the planned locations and had to focus on just getting down, cause being up on a mountain during a storm is not ideal. Especially not with a group of mountain bike newbies haha.

We managed to make it down though and the rain started just as we rolled through the town of Zermatt again, phew! It had been quite the adventure and I it felt nice to return the bike to the shop and get dressed for dinner.

I need some time to let what I’d done sink in, with the fact that I was actually brave enough to challenge my fear like this! 

Hiking sign in the Swiss mountains

A stream running through a coniferous forest

Swiss mountains

People riding mountain bikes in the Swiss mountains

A lonesome chalet in the rain

Raclette at CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort

This adventurous day came to an end by escaping the rain and enjoying a lovely evening at, Cervo – a pretty modern resort in Zermatt. They offer accommodations, have a shop, a restaurant and host meetings as well as weddings. They also have a blog that you can check out here.

We sat down to eat after a tour of the place, and of course raclette was on the menu. We’d tried this before but this was by far the tastiest yet, with really good cheese and great condiments. The overall experience far exceeded the previous ones too. The setting here was just great and we all had a lot of fun.

For a second the clouds dispersed, letting some sunshine through and we thought we would finally get to see the Matterhorn but alas, she kept hidden from us. 

I absolutely love the style of CERVO, and I wouldn’t mind staying here when I return. Because, needless to say – Zermatt stole a piece of my heart and I want to come back to finally see Matterhorn, hike some more and maybe even mountain-bike again.

Thank you Switzerland, your mountains took my breathe away and I feel them calling me. Until we meet again!

The Matterhorn hiding behind the clouds

Woman taking a picture of wine at CERVO in Zermatt» No one does wine photography like Veera!

Raclette at CERVO in Zermatt

Glass of wine at CERVO, Zermatt

» This trip was done in collaboration with My Switzerland but all images, words and opinions are of course entirely my own «

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  1. Wine photos are the purpose I was put on his planet! And what I shamed I missed the mountain biking situation, though I was taking some more wine photos actually while you were at it, but I’m really eager to try mountain biking on my next trip to the mountains!

    1. Oh I bet that was one of the reasons, you’re really good at it! The other reason was to spread wise and wholesome inspiration to the rest of us :D Like, I held the breaks all the time and went really slow but I truly enjoyed it and would definitely do it again! Especially now that I bike a lot. Is Helsinki a bike-friendly town?