Five years ago I felt fed up with the city life if I was living. I felt tired of its fast paced tempo and focus on money and consumerism. A window in my life opened up where I had the opportunity to uproot and try something else. I had finished my photography studies and tried getting work in a bigger city, but competition was hard. So I left the place where I grew up and headed back north towards my roots. I was northbound and it felt great.

I was born in the most northern part of Sweden, in a small mining town with nature around the corner but as a kid I did not really appreciate it. Now as a young adult I decided to once again live in a small town, lead a slower life and to spend time in nature instead of in shopping malls and cafés.


In the forests around Sundsvall I found myself and what I am passionate about: To live a life rich with experiences, not things. Here I became whole and happy, found inspiration and a purpose. You can really feel the colors and textures of nature in my pictures now. They’re moody, warm and down to earth. I wish to use photography and my online presence to tell stories that inspire others to spend time in the wonderful nature that we in Sweden are lucky enough to have very close at hand. Because we do not need to travel far to experience magic!

As I’ve found my calling and my niche I’ve also curated clients who share my interests and love for nature; Lundhags, High Coast Whisky, Victorinox, Naturkompaniet & Elles Utemat.

Besides working as a photographer I’ve also started teaching it. I believe that photography makes people more aware of their surroundings and environment which helps to appreciate the small things in life and to care more fore nature. I host workshops in visual storytelling and close-by adventures, run private courses and online coaching.

You can read all about my teachings and photography here

In Sundsvall, a northern town situated between two mountains and sea to the east I live together with my partner Dan and cat Luci in a small attic apartment in one of the oldest wooden houses that have survived all the fires this town has endured.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”


We lead a very active life together, biking everywhere in town and climbing several days a week. In the summer we are out hiking and exploring the surrounding forests, mountain biking, playing disc golf or slack lining in a park. In the winter we hike with snow shoes or snowboard.

Regardless of the season many of our evenings are spent in the company of good friends playing board games, having meaningful conversations and exploring craft beer from around the world.

Photo © Fanni Herman –

Me and Dan also run a small side business called Woodbound Designs where we make wood & silver rings together. It’s such a joy to be crating together with my partner and get a break from the digital world to work with my hands. Unlike a photograph I get to hold a physical, finished product in my hands which feels amazing!

That was a part of my story, and hopefully I can help you capture yours – or give you the tools you need to capture it and tell it yourself. Thank you for reading!