New Beginnings

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As always when I feel that spring is in the air it’s like I enter a new chapter in life. I am one year older, one year of experiences, both good and bad, is with me making me (hopefully) a little bit wiser. I definitely have a few more grey hairs now, that has to count for something right?

But as the sun shines warmer, snow drips from the roof and birds chirp in every tree I feel the pull of change. There’s a promise of new beginnings in the air.

This year I am focusing that change on my social channels and online presence.

Last fall I started feeling that Instagram was taking something from me, and I voiced those thoughts here in a previous post. Despite writing that I was going to downshift from Instagram and start using this space more again, it did not really happen. I continued to struggle with posting on Instagram, always chasing the photo that perfectly fit my feed and mostly posting because I felt like I should, not because I wanted to or had anything to say.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy using Instagram – but in a different way than in the past. I love watching stories and seeing what my friends are up to, and the more real life behind the bigger accounts I follow. I also really like sharing my own life that way. But the feed? Nah.

I am not that into scrolling and looking at other peoples photos anymore, and so to post something for my own feed does not really do anything for me. I want more, deeper content.

When Clubhouse arrived (a new social media app that is all about live conversations) I realised just how much that is what I long for. To connect with people. While I’ve been sitting editing photos for a client I’ve been on the app having great conversations with people I don’t really know and it’s felt so rewarding and inspiring!

Instagram is mostly double taps and likes, reactions to stories. There are of course those that leave a little comment but it never goes deep enough. And I certainly seldom leave in depth comments, I am just as guilty.

So, here we are again.

This blog has gotten a whole new design to go with this new beginning. I decided a fresh start required a new look. It feels more me and more like a journal. It makes me feel inspired and motivated to start writing again.

What do you think about the new design?

hat, shirt, jeans & coffee cup are all second hand finds that I love

My goal for the future of this blog is to share content that’s a mix of photography tips, what life as a creative freelancer is like and I also want to delve into some deeper, more personal topics. If you have any questions or requests for topics, just let me know and I’ll add them to my list!

So, hopefully you are excited that I am about to start writing more again – and hopefully you feel ready to take part in the conversations that will take place here, I do enjoy writing but engaging with you guys makes it all the more worth it.

I hope you are well and safe, and I will talk to you shortly again!

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  1. Hej Rania,
    I am so happy to read this. I guess I’ve always been struggling with “trying” to like Instagram because that feeling of “I have to” to get likes and followers. Almost closed it down last year, but fell for other peoples advice to keep going only to advertise my blog posts. But that feels so shallow and pointless. I scroll through Instagram out of duty. The few close people I really care about gets lost in the feed.

    I love the blog format because of all that you mentioned. I love sharing longer, more meaningful texts and lots of photos. Love the scary feeling of daring myself to be more true and deep out here. That seemed so easy when I was younger, as I grew older I got more and more closed and I feel alot more vunerable now, maybe I have more to lose? Do you recognize that too, or do you have a different experience?

    Thanks for writing here again! Feels odd to comment in english, but hopefully I contribute to a more international connection here. ^_^ <3

    1. Hej Johanna! First of all, thank you for choosing to comment in English! I would not have thought it wasn’t your first language if you had not said anything :D I think SO many of us are struggling with feeling just like you, that we have to like Instagram and use it a lot. Like you I had a time where most of my posts there were just trying to get people to go read my blogposts, and that just doesn’t feel right. I agree with it seeming a bit shallow, I stopped doing that after a while. And yes, the people I really want to see things from get lost in the feed for me as well!

      Having a space to write longer, connect photos to the words in a different way and share series of photos is just so much more rewarding, fulfilling and fun for me. Yeah I see what you mean, when I was younger I put Anything out on the internet in terms of words and photos, I did not care in the same way. I think it’s good to find a balance there – putting Everything online certainly isn’t smart haha, but to challenge oneself to open up and be a bit more personal (but not private) and write about harder things I think will make us grow, and open up to good conversations with others that feel the same way but are also afraid to voice whatever it might be. From a work standpoint I sometimes feel I have something to loose, if I start writing about deeper, more personal things I worry I won’t get work through this channel as clients don’t want to be seen on this platform – but it’s mostly in my head, the clients I want to work with I think appreciate me being honest, personal and… human :)

      Thanks again for sharing this with me!

  2. Fin design, och kul med blogg igen. Känner samma med Instagram – är så så så så trött på det. Bloggen är min trygga plats på nätet, skönt att komma dit och äga sin plats liksom.

    1. Tack Annika! Vi verkar vara många som är lite less på det, skönt att inte vara ensam men tråkigt att Instagram blivit något vi är less på. Håller med, bloggen är så skön för att den är ens egna till 100%. Ser fram emot att börja läsa din (och många andras) igen! :)

  3. Love your new layout! But am a little bummed at the same time because I was planning on using the same theme for a revamp of my own blog but now it feels like I’d just be copying you, haha.

    And I know what you mean about Instagram and social media. I haven’t been using Instagram in forever it feels like. Sometimes I feel like I should make an efford to get back there, but then.. no.

    Glad to hear that you’re back on the blog though. I always love reading your posts even though I rarely comment.

    1. Thank you Helena! And oh don’t worry about that, use the theme – it’s such a good one and our websites will look completely different due to our style and content anyways :) No I haven’t seen you post there in forever, I look forward to enjoying your content again now that I am back to also reading blogs :D And thanks, I am glad to hear you enjoy reading them <3 and comments aren't always necessary, it depends on the post. Hopefully we get to travel together again in a future not too far away!