Entry 027 // A nomination and a newsletter

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

Why don’t you leave a comment and tell me a little bit about what’s happening in your lives right now?

It can be exciting or fun things, but also something hard or something you’re pondering over. Maybe you’re reading a good book or watching a good show, or you’ve started a new hobby?

This post is my chance to share some things with you, cause there’s a lot going on right now. 

woman in chunky knits watching a sunset

Micro Influencer of the Year

Each year my business network Influencers of Sweden nominates influencers in different categories, as well as other businesses who’s done really well in working with influencer marketing. This is such a great initiative! I have never felt that it’s for me though, with my outdoorsy niche and small channels.

But this year they added a new category; “Micro Influencer of the Year” and I am one of the nominees!

When the email came I first thought something was wrong haha. Then I read it and I just feel so happy, honoured and speechless. I never thought I’d be a nominee for a prize like this. I already feel like a winner (such a cliché, I know) and I want to let you all know how grateful I am that you follow me and support me.

It’s been 1.5 years since I rebranded, left my old blog and started this site and it has grown well and fast. I love working with photography, nature and the outdoors and to inspire people to head out and engage in more sustainable and close by adventures. To get acknowledged for what I do feels amazing!

Nominees for micro influencer of the year 2018The other nominated are my dear friends Jennifer and Katta as well as two girls I don’t know that much about, Rihab and Sandra. What a great bunch of awesome girls, bloggers and influencers to be nominated with ♥︎ A jury will pick the winners of each category and then Influencers of Sweden will broadcast live, announcing them all on November 17. 


Another thing is that I’m planning to start a newsletter. There’s a lot going on now and I can’t share everything with you all just yet, but when I can I want you to know right away – and I am very excited to do so cause I promise you, the news I have are awesome!!

I also find it more personal to email you guys about news like the one above, rather than blog about it. 

If you’re interested in being the first to know when exciting things happen, get insights in what I’m working on, photo tips and other fun things (what would you want to see in a newsletter from me?) you can sign up here or use the form below:

STAY WILD! / Rania

woman in chunky knits watching a sunset



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    Ann Rumbleinthearctic

    25 October, 2018

    I’m still trying to get a job that I want…not just any job, which makes it harder of course. There are hundreds if not thousands of jobs here, but not exactly what I want. Other than that we explore new parts of New York slowly. Last weekend we walked 110 blocks following one street, walking south. I think that was about 5miles. So cool to see how the neighborhoods change through different parts of Manhattan.

    Congrats on being nominated as micro influencer. That is great! It’s going to be fun to see who wins, and regardless who wins I (just like you) think that a nomination is a small win too! Do people vote or how does it work?

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    26 October, 2018

    Congratulations! I’ve found your blog only last week and fell in love with it straight away :)
    It’s nice to have your efforts acknowledged.

    On a more “deep” note, I’m trying to reboot and decide where I want my life to go next, figure out what brings joy and peace and fulfillment. I feel excited about it! On a less serious note eheh: I’ve been watching this really great show called “Kidding”, check it out!

    • Reply

      Northbound Journeys

      5 November, 2018

      Thank you! Both for the congratulatory wish but also for enjoying my content :D

      Oooh, it sounds like you have some exciting times ahead of you! What’s your current life like, and what are you considering changing or doing next? I’ve never heard of that show, what’s it about? We’ve currently seen A-typical as well as Big Mouth, two shows on Netflix we really enjoyed :)

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    11 November, 2018

    Tjoho! Väldigt sen att läsa detta men håller på att komma upp ur tenta-period-hålet nu. XD

    • Reply

      Northbound Journeys

      12 November, 2018

      Haha ingen fara, förstår att man måste gå in i bubblor när det är tenta-dags! Hoppas allt gått bra :)

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