A short hike at Olmsted Point

It’s early november by the time me, Ida, Helena and Katarina cruise along the Tioga Road. We are headed out of Yosemite to visit the desert. We have decided to make a stop at Olmstead Point’s roadside overlook, a spot where you get a different view of Half Dome One.  

Half dome at Olmsted Point

“Tioga Pass is a mountain pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. State Route 120 runs through it, and serves as the eastern entry point for Yosemite National Park, at the Tioga Pass Entrance Station. It is the highest highway pass in California and in the Sierra Nevada.”


One of the parks shortest hikes can be found here, but we only plan to stop briefly and take a few photos plus snack a little before we continue. 

As Helena and Ida stay near the outlook taking photos, me and Katarina walk a little bit away from the road and find a nice spot not far off where we share some trail mix and tuna sandwiches. But then, wild and restless souls as we are, start to wander off.

We just wanted to explore a little bit but ended up doing an unplanned 2 hour hike.

Woman looking at from Olmsted Point

Now, this was not a great idea. Mind you, we enjoyed it and everything went well. But to hike away without having a path or signs to follow, and without letting ur friends know? Don’t do that haha!

The sun was warm and light was harsh, making the landscape look like we were on the moon (but with trees). I really don’t enjoy taking photos in this type of light but it’s good to challenge oneself and I did fint it beautiful here, in it’s own way.

As per usual when we travel together, the images of me are shot with the excellent help of Katarina 

trail mix
hiker on Tioga Road
portrait of a hiker on Tioga Road
Landscape at Olmsted Point
hiker at Olmsted Point
Hiker admiring the view of Olmsted Point
Olmsted Point
hiker at Olmsted Point

We had to scramble a bit to get up to where we wanted to go, and even found some snow a long the way. It was worth it though, seeing as we both enjoy being up high with pretty views!

Then we had to try and get down somehow, and we ended up in a kind of valley. Once down we turned in the direction of the parking lot by the outlook spot and eventually we found the actual trail with signs and other people. Before that we’d been all alone!

Hiker admiring the view at Olmsted Point
hiker at Olmsted Point
hiking in Olmsted Point
Braided female hiker

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