Preparing for the weekend

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It’s Friday afternoon and I am currently enjoying freshly brewed coffee and a piece of chocolate. I am feeling a bit sluggish and incredibly ready for the weekend. But despite that my morning has been quite productive. I like getting a lot done on Fridays so that I can head into the weekend feeling relaxed.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
  • I hosted a room for freelancers on Clubhouse
  • Sent images to a client for approval
  • Bought and sold some stocks (yes I’ve started dabbling with investing)
  • uploaded a video on YouTube
  • prepped some upcoming blogposts
  • delivered images to Johnér, my image agency

In about an hour I need to bike into town to send a package, run some errands, swing by Systemet to pick up some beer and then I am off to run a climbing program with kids from Engelska Skolan, a program I run with Dan and our friend Kelsey twice a week.

And Luci? She’s currently asleep on the couch, basking in the sun.

I made chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago and I think I need to make more this weekend. They’re dangerously tasty! Which is not surprising when the recipe is from Linda Lomelinos book Sweet Food & Photography.

Other than probably eating too many cookies our weekend will consist of boardgames, climbing, ring making and snowboarding. What are your weekend plans?

coffee and chocolate chip cookies

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