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Slow living at a remote cabin

Swedish red cabin
This is the most idyllic Swedish place where the houses are painted red with white corners and
there’s a Gärdesgård (an old, Swedish style of fence) surrounding the property.

It’s late fall and together with some friends we travelled to a remote cabin to enjoy some down time after a lot of work, and to get the last out of fall. We found this place on AirBnb, and what a luxury to have an entire small farm all to ourselves!

The days are mostly foggy, we do get a little bit of snow and the lake is covered in a thin sheet of ice. Winter is coming, but that’s okay. We are here to wind down and relax, the weather does not affect us much. It’s actually an excuse to slow down even more.

Our days here are spent enjoying cabin life in its’ truest form: Reading, playing boardgames, exploring the surrounding forests, chopping firewood, playing music together, sketching, keeping the cabin warm with a fire and enjoying the outdoor hot tub.

old coffee grinder
people walking in sunset
forest and lake
frosty lake
sandwich wrapped in beeswax
foggy forest
woman carrying firewood

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