Entry 022 // The slow pace of autumn

The clouds are hanging low over South Mountain and the peak is covered by the mist. It rained last night and I woke up to Dan mumbling in his sleep about how everyone can make decisions that change the future and then I fell asleep again to the sound of rain. 

We have a little nook in the living room where my old couch fit perfectly and I sit here with a blanket and the day’s first cup of coffee, creating a new playlist for fall and slowly easing into a new week and the slow pace of autumn.

As I sit here the clouds clear up and it starts to get lighter. I move to my desk to create this week in my bullet journal.

Bullet journal, glasses and coffee on a desk

I love feeling inspired to create with my hands again, there’s nothing digital about sitting down to craft with pens, paper, washi-tape and cut outs from magazines. Starting with bullet journaling was exactly what I needed this fall.

This book is always with me and in it I keep… My life; Calendar, sketchbook and journal. It’s my travelogue and where I write down work ideas. Here I collect thoughts and memories, plan for the future and stay organised. It keeps me inspired and happy.


some of us are drawn to mountains the way the moon draws the tide.
Both the great forests and the mountains live in my bones.
They have taught me, humbled me, purified me and changed me. 

– Joan Halifax

Published by Rania Rönntoft

In the forests of Sundsvall, a small northern town between two mountains, Rania found herself and her passion: living a slower life rich in experiences instead of things. Here she works as a freelancing photographer, content creator and teacher. Through her pictures she wants to inspire others to spend more time outdoors and show that the adventure is not far away. She travels a lot in Scandinavia and works with other destinations to promote our beautiful country, she also arranges workshops on visual storytelling and local adventures.

4 thoughts on “Entry 022 // The slow pace of autumn”

  1. Wilda says:

    Åh det här är så vackert att tiden stannar. Tack för din innerlighet <3

    1. Åh men tack snälla Wilda, vad fint att du tycker det <3 Jag börjar sakta hitta tillbaka till att skriva mer personligt och att blanda det med mina andra inlägg :) Hoppas allt är bra med dig!

  2. Så sjukt fint Rania!! Blir galet inspirerad! Skulle du kunna tänka dig att dela med dig av upplägget/strukturen i din BJ med oss? Skulle vara så roligt att få se den “genombläddrad” :)

    1. Tack Agnes!! Ja, jag har funderat lite på att göra ett renodlat BJ inlägg, kanske med video till och med :D

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