Where I let go of summer

So, it’s the end of august and I notice the change of seasons is happening quickly now. The mornings are getting colder and the evenings shorter.

I want to make the most out of what’s left of summer while also getting new insights and inspiration for fall, so I travel south to a farm on an island, and a summer workation with Influencers of Sweden.

It’s warm Thursday evening when I meet up with my fellow colleagues consisting of bloggers, youtubers, Instagrammers and photographers. We park by a beach, unload our stuff and board the boat that will take us over to the island. Some of us have met before, and some faces are new.

We are all equally excited to spend a weekend together in the countryside, and what a wonderful weekend we ended up having together. Nathalie opened up her home to us and we all fell into a slower, more relaxed pace in the house by the lake. 

house on the countryside

woman sitting in a forest

kitten in a garden

woman petting sheep

Some of us rise early to let the hens out, another one gathers fresh vegetables from the garden. We spend time with pigs and sheep and we cuddle and play with kittens, eat good food, wash ourselves in the lake and relax in the hot tub in the evenings. As the days progress we get to know each other better and the conversations deepen.

We share hardships and thoughts on life, offer each other insights and advice and we come together in the knowledge that we all have similar struggles.

But we also celebrate the successes of everyone: someone bought a house on the countryside, another one is soon releasing a new book, one of us is only going to work 50% so that she can start writing hers. Another one has taken big steps towards living her dream and I celebrate having lived a full year solely off my business. Paying rent and food, traveling, enjoying life and putting money aside.

Between the energetic conversations, laughter, inspiring workshops, slow life on the countryside and the warmth of a cat sleeping in someones lap I feel myself grow soft. I lower my shoulders and let stress and the hardships of life as a freelancer seep away into the night. I let this hearty, welcoming environment and the support of everyone fill me up with new gratefulness for life and the people around me. 

This is exactly what I needed, what all of us needed.

Here I let go of summer, say goodbye for this year and I head back home feeling filled with energy and inspiration. I am ready for autumn to arrive now. 

cat playing with a piece of string

Thank you: Nathalie, Linda, Helena, Linnea, UlricaElin, Malin, Caroline, Irene, Therese, Linda, Evelina, Jeanette 

candles on a table

hands petting a kitten

kitten in a lap

friends bathing in an outdoor hot tub

woman in an outdoor hot tub

friends having beer in an outdoor hot tub

woman laughing in an outdoor hot tub

Lush soap bar on a dock

washing in a lake

woman diving into a lake

woman having beer by a lake

birds flying across the sky

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  1. It sounds like the most perfect and lovely weekend. What a great way to end the summer and move into the new season! :) So cosy pictures, and loved everyone’s instagram stories that I saw from the trip. A tiny bit jealous, of course, it would have been nice to be there as well!

    I also celebrate a year living of my own business, such a cool and rewarding feeling! Hurra till oss! :) <3

    1. It was indeed very nice, and so well needed! I barely had time to catch up on everyones stories haha – glad to hear someone did! It sure would have been lovely to have you there, I hope we get to meet soon at another event or trip! <3

      Oh really? That's so awesome, hurray for us indeed! Congratulations :D

    1. Tack detsamma, underbart att få ses igen – det är härligt att vi är några stycken som ses en sådär 2 gånger per år, bra tradition tycker jag :) Och helgen var ju magiskt mysig!

  2. Vilka FANTASTISKA bilder Rania – du lyckas verkligen fånga ögonblicken. Stämningen. Känslan. Och det var verkligen fint uttryckt att ”släppa taget om sommaren”, jag känner precis samma sak. Nu välkomnar jag hösten och njuter av att kura skymning. ??❤️

    1. Åh men tack Nathalie, vad fint att du tycker det! Ja nu lider sommaren mot sitt slut och att säga hejdå till den ute i er dröm passade alldeles utmärkt. Nu välkomnar vi hösten tillsammans, den måste ju bli oerhört fin där ute på ön!

  3. Bilden på Evelina i badtunnan är så härlig, man kan inte låta bli att le själv! Tack för den här fantastiska helgen och extra kul att äntligen få lära känna dig!

    1. Åh tack, jag tycker också om den väldigt mycket! Men även mina bilder på dig <3 Tack själv och verkligen, superroligt att äntligen få umgås och lära känna varandra lite! Hoppas vi ses snart igen.