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I am taking even more of my business online! Internet is an amazing place, and during these times it’s proven more valuable than ever. It’s allowing us to stay in touch, work from home and educate ourselves.

As a freelancer working in the digital world I love this, and I have spent the last week or two working on some more ways to take my business as a photographer, teacher and content creator online: So many of you ask me questions in regards to photography, which is why I have now launched online coaching!

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Through Skype or Zoom I will sit down to personally analyse your own photography using the skills I’ve gathered after working as a professional photographer for 9 years. We will have a look at where you’re currently at, what your goals are & where you want to be with your photography. For only 3000 SEK* you get access to two sessions á 1 – 1.5h with me giving you personal feedback tailer to your needs, as well as an assignment / homework in between that we have a look at after completion.

*VAT excluded for businesses, and the coaching is available in both Swedish and English.

Online Photo Coaching

I am also working on an online network platform that will be available for a small monthly fee. There you will have access to all my photography knowledge and it will be a place where I share tips, tricks and assignments. Host live webinars and offer feedback on your work. But it will also be a place where all of you interested in photography get to meet and interact with another and build a community together.

A community where we all share our passion for capturing the world around us and where we as a group will inspire each other and help all of us grow and move forward as creators!

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Live slow & stay wild // Rania

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Published by Rania Rönntoft

Rania Rönntoft lives in Sundsvall where she works as a photographer, content creator and jewellery designer. She loves exploring craft beer and I am passionate about nature tourism, slow living and close by adventures.

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