Switzerland part II – Taking the train to a rainy Zermatt

It’s my third day in Switzerland and today we leave Nendaz behind to head for Zermatt. We travel by train, something that is so easy to do here. 

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The network is very well developed and with a Swiss Travel Pass you gain access to trains as well as buses and boats. I love how accessible they’ve made it to reach places without needing a car, and to travel more sustainably.

With the pass you don’t have to book seats and for the number of days your pass is valid you have unlimited access and can travel as much as you want.

women working during a train ride» Sanna & Helena getting some work done during the train ride

The only downside is that the pass is pretty expensive though. An adult pass for three days costs around 2000 SEK / €198.

But if you’re traveling to Switzerland and want to get around by train and bus I can highly recommend to save up some money and use a travel pass. Not only does it work well, but the train ride there from Nendaz was absolutely breath taking!!

Actually to get to Zermatt, you actually have to travel by train at some point. Cars are not allowed there so at the very least you have to park at the nearest city, Täsch. From here you take the train the last 12 minutes. Why? Because they value their fresh mountain air and do not want to pollute it.

Needless to say, I am in love with this village before we even get there.

Woman with hat sticking her head out the train window in Switzerland

Shoutout to Helena for helping me with this photo. Sticking my head out into to the rain and watch the mountains and fog pass by made me feel so alive! These two photos below are now for sale as prints through Printler: Rocky Spine and Misty Mountain

Mountains and fog in Switzerland
Red train passing through the Swiss mountains» It was during this trip that I met Veera whom has been a dear friend since. Also, aren’t the red trains just gorgeous?


The low hanging clouds and rain seem to follow us here. We have a few clear moments with sun but for the most part it’s wet and the famous Matterhorn is no where to be seen. But I enjoy the city none the less.

In Zermatt you walk or bike. Hotels can pick you up in their electrical cars, and we even spotted a horse and carriage. Only stores getting supplies and emergency cervices are allowed to use cars. As a result, the streets here and calm and quiet and it is so refreshing.

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That mixed with all the wooden houses and chalets, urban gardens and the mountains in the background makes this a place I would gladly return to!

Houses and fog in Zermatt

The Gornergrat cog railway

I never had a chance to ride this, and this is one of the reasons I would like to return to Zermatt. This is the Gornergrat cog railway. The highest-altitude open-air cog railway in Europe that operates all year round.

» You can read more about the Gornergrat here

Apparently the best views of the Matterhorn are from the summit of the Gornergrat (at 3,089m.T). Not that we would have seen Matterhorn in this weather anyway, so it was for the best that I save this experience for when I go back.

Matterhorn is by the way the mountain on the Toblerone logo, and possibly the world’s most famous mountain. That’s the other reason I want to go back. I never got to see it…

Sallad in a garden

Cabbage in a garden

Another hike in the rain

So, we’re in Switzerland and the mountains are gorgeous. Of course we want to hike them! The fact that it’s raining and so foggy that we can’t really see much isn’t going to stop us. So, one of the days in Zermatt a few of us set out into the rain and fog – just like we did in Nendaz.

We take a lift up, say goodbye to a part of the group that we’ll meet at a restaurant later and then we set out. The path leads us on a windy road through the fog. It’s pretty quiet and we definitely do not meet other hikers today.

Hiking in rain and fog
Swiss sheep in rain and fog» We can barely get a good look at the cute, Swiss sheep

Huts in the Swiss mountains

Chalets in the Swiss mountains

After a while we walk past a few Chalets until we reach the restaurant called Adler Hitta. Needless to say we are extremely wet and glad to get inside to warm up and enjoy a nice meal.

This restaurant is in one of the iconic buildings called a chalet and normally you can view the magnificent Matterhorn from here. 

But, the weather really isn’t on our side during this trip so we mostly see fog outside the windows. But the atmosphere in here is cozy and the food is simply delicious! If I remember correctly, the whole roasted chicken we got was local which I truly appreciate.

Roasted whole chicken at Adler Hitta

» This trip was done in collaboration with My Switzerland but all images, words and opinions are of course entirely my own «

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