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It’s the end of 2018 and we all know it by now, trying to lead a more sustainable life is important – necessary even, if we want this planet to last.

Slowly we’ve seen the movement grow, more facts are produced around the topic and people are becoming more aware of the situation. Businesses are producing products in a more sustainable way and there are podcasts, youtube channels and books that inform us on what we can do in our everyday lives to care more for the environment.

The things we hear about the most are flying less and eating less meat, and when it comes to consumption it’s mostly about avoiding plastic and not consuming fast fashion. These are all really good things, but I do feel that one field of consumption is a bit neglected: Technology.

Self portrait of a photographer with her gear

I use a lot of tech gear in my business as a digital nomad / freelancing photographer and influencer that can work from anywhere. Even though I lead a minimalistic lifestyle and value moments over things, the truth in the end is that I do need gear to perform the work I do.

Most of you know I buy my clothes second hand, but did you know that I’ve actually bought almost all of my gear used as well? From cameras and lenses to my microphone and my computer screen. And when I’ve realised I haven’t been using stuff a lot, I’ve sold it off so that it can provide help for someone else instead of just collecting dust in a storage.

It can feel scary to buy expensive gear used though. It’s quite the investment in tools that will help you in your hobby, creative outlet and / or business. Whilst there are a lot of people selling gear through different sites and Facebook groups, it can be hard to fully know the state of which the products in.

But when you’re first starting out you often don’t have the same budget to spend on gear and buying used gear saves both your budget and the environment all in one go! So how can you do it in a way that feels reliable to you as a consumer?

This is where CyberPhoto enters the picture. The people behind the site are photographers themselves, with a strong love for nature. They are passionate about caring for the environment and our resources, while also helping their customers take their photography to the next level. They manage to do this and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable owning of photo equipment. 

Through them you can buy used gear, which they’ve had a good look at to make sure the condition of the product is okay. Not only can you trust the quality of what you’re buying, but you can also trust the shipping and you get a proper receipt (incredible for business owners!)

Still life of a Lumix GX8

I’ve bought so much used gear through them during my years as a photographer. The quality have been spot on, the prices amazing and the shipping secure and fast (they also send some candy along in every package…) 

➵ Since Christmas is coming up, I have a gift for you all:

A code that gives you 20% off the selection of used gear at CyberPhoto! Just use the code NORTHBOUND* on any of the products found here, apply it during checkout. I hope this can be of help to you if you’re looking to upgrade your gear, or if you are just starting out.

Maybe you can find a Christmas gift for someone else?

And if you need any help with what to get, just post a comment or shoot me an email! In fact, my main camera is a Nikon D610 (which I bought used) and they actually have one in stock right now.

* The code is valid until midnight on December 23 // Merry Christmas everyone!

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