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Svemester in the fall – Spending a weekend in Östersund

We can say many things about 2020, and most of them are probably not so good. But one thing that has been good this year is how many of us that have discovered a new, different way of spending our free time: We are outside a lot more and individual sports like fishing, biking and disc golf have boomed. We have also travelled around in Sweden more than ever.

Me, Dan and our friends have decided to start taking weekends to explore nearby town and first on our list was Östersund. It is the capital of Jämtland, a county I have been to many times due to it’s wonderful nature.

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We got in on Friday evening and on the Saturday we woke up to blue skies, sunshine and beautiful fall colors. After breakfast and a few cups of coffee we strolled into town along streets with beautiful wooden houses. In the centre we just wandered while exploring what Östersund has to offer.

Weekend i Östersund
Weekend i Östersund
Weekend i Östersund

Östersund is a beautiful town with cobblestone streets and old wooden houses. From the trees hung string lights and swings and through narrow arch ways we found our way into cute little courtyards. There where many small, local shops as well and the people we talked to where very happy and friendly.

Many of the stores carried art, crafts and food or beverages made by local artists and companies. The town had a nice feeling of community to it that I absolutely loved! There was also a good supply of sustainable products and eco food, there’s even a zero waste store here!

Weekend i Östersund
Weekend i Östersund

We decided to have lunch at Saluhallen as it was recommended by my friend Dryden, and it did not disappoint! I enjoyed a delicious pumpkin gnocchi pasta dish paired with a local IPA from Jemtehed & Brande. The vibe of this place was really nice and staff were incredibly friendly, genuine and chatty.

Weekend i Östersund

After exploring the town for a bit me and Dan headed off to the local climbing gym. We can’t properly explore a place without doing some climbing! We walked along the water which was lovely, and Östersunds Klättercenter was not too far from the city centre. I really enjoy when one does not need a car to get around!

Weekend i Östersund

Systembolaget in town carries a good assortment of local beer and so on our last night here we cooked in the apartment and tried a few new beers, amongst them a lovely Barrel Fermented Northern Wild Ale from Åre Bryggcompagni.

We got a really good vibe in Östersund, people seem to truly enjoy living here and the community in arts, crafts and amongst locals in general seem strong. Not only does this place offer a nice time in the city but the forest and mountains are really close by for those who seek the outdoors.

I have a really strong feeling that I will be back here as I had a great time!

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