A cozy winter weekend in Lucerne

On Lake Lucerne, surrounded by snowcapped mountains in Switzerland you’ll find the town of Lucerne. It is a beautiful city know for it’s preserved medieval architecture of cobblestone streets, towers and a covered chapel bridge.

I had the pleasure of going there with Veera last week and it was amazing. I grew up in a small city with narrow cobblestone streets, and the old part of town where I live now has them too. So to come her immediately felt very homely and familiar.

And around Christmas it is so beautiful here and with lights shimmering all around, the atmosphere is very cozy. Now If you’re going to Switzerland in wintertime it is most likely to ski or snowboard, but I can highly recommend staying in Lucerne (it’s close to a lot of mountains) to get some cozy city life vibes as well. If you want to stay in a smaller place even closer to the ski hills I still suggest extending your trip to spend a weekend here.

woman on a boat on Lake Lucerne

During the day you can take a boat tour on Lake Lucerne to get a better view of the city and the beautiful surroundings. Once back in town the old town is very picturesque to stroll through and there are a lot of nice little shops to browse. Or you can do what me and Veera did and sit down to work for a bit at Mill’Feuille which is a really nice café and restaurant. We started of with coffee but later had lunch there and I of course found some local beer! I really liked the look and feel of this place and the food was quite good.

checking the menu at a Mill'Feuille
Local IPA from Lucerne

As the sun sets behind the mountains we stand on the balcony and watch, the sky is beautiful! In the evening the town really comes alive with Christmas spirit. The lights are glimmering everywhere and in the dark the true Christmas spirit of Lucerne awakens.

People are snuggling up under blankets eating fondue, there are Christmas markets to wander through, you can buy roasted almonds on the street and the smell of glühwein travels through the air. In the distance you can hear Christmas carols and the sound of children laughing on the skating rink in town.

The views from Hotel Des Balances are absolutely breathtaking! I can’t believe the nature that surrounds this place, it’s unreal.

old medieval bridge in Lucerne

On our first night here we had dinner at Restaurant Pfistern and just like everyone else we snuggled up under blankets with a bag of warm cherry seeds in our laps to warm us. Even though I quickly find fondue it to be too much cheese, I appreciate the fact that it’s a very social meal for a group of friends and easy to share.

And the cheese in Switzerland is good! To top it all of, this place had 100 different kinds (!!) of fondue and it was hard to choose, but we went for a truffle fondue with bread and potatoes on the side. I would suggest getting some vegetables too though, I did feel that was lacking our meal. Did you know that if you drop your bread into the fondue you have to buy everyone the next drink? I dropped things several times…

With the lovely atmosphere warming me up from the inside, and a belly full of cheese I had a very nice sleep, thank you Lucerne – you are quite lovely.

cheese fondue
Lucerne by night
Lucerne by night
Woman buying mulled wine
Lucerne by night

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  1. Hej Rania,

    I have also just returned from a “trip”. I “drove” through a small town with cobblestones streets and a helmet in the coat of arms. I know the feeling when you immediately feel comfortable, or even “at home”, in a city you haven’t been there before.

    It is breathtaking to see you standing on the balcony like this. I would like to speak to you directly. If it weren’t so unreal. These days I also have the feeling that I am seeing a lot of beautiful but unreal things. If I told you these things, you wouldn´t believe me. Even if I stood on a viewing tower – like you there on the balcony – these things wouldn´t probably be more real. But if you are not alone up there but together with people you like, you can perhaps better understand the incomprehensibility of the beautiful.

    Did you know that we have over 6000 types of beer in germany? A lot of bread would have to fall into the fondue until we all got them … ? By the way fondue … do you know how good cauliflower overbaked with cheese tastes? Ahh … what am I asking? You sure know that ?

    Thank you for the nice weekend in Lucerne! I wasn´t there yet. But, as you describe it and thanks to your pictures, I would certainly like this city. Perhaps our paths will cross in Lucerne some day … by coincidence. I just googled where the name “Lucerne” could come from. There are really interesting theories.

    Many thanks also to your companion and friend Veera. She makes really good tips for flight travelling ?

    KRAM! ❤,