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calendar, wallet, camera and coffee on a desk

It’s Thursday afternoon and midsummer is just around the corner. I love how free I am because of my work, it’s always so easy to go from work to weekend. This week has been an interesting mix or work, BBQing with friends, running errands in town and going for an evening boulder session by the sea – and I am not complaining about that! Since I moved into town it’s been so easy for me to blur the lines between work and leisure, and it happens all the time now. I get to reap the benefits of city life and freelance life while living and working in a charming old house where early summer is marked by the cherry blossoms taking over the garden, followed by lilacs covering our fence and framing the streets in all shades of pink, purple and white.

Right now it’s so hard not to stop and take pictures of flowers all the time!

A typical day in my life

But, what does a day look like for me, with this free lifestyle I lead? Well, in the mornings I usually have breakfast with Dan (if I don’t decide to sleep in a little) and after he leaves for work I sit down with my journal to plan my day or week before moving to my desk to work. Sometimes I eat lunch at home, other times I bike into town to eat lunch in a park or work at a local café for a bit. If I am home I take breaks to walk out barefoot and enjoy my coffee in the sun while cuddling with my neighbours cat.

As the afternoon rolls around I might head to a meeting, deliver photos to a client or just check out some thrift stores. After I am done for the day I usually meet up with my partner and friends for a fika or dinner, maybe a little hike or we head out bouldering.

“It makes my soul feel lighter as well”

The other day I had a photo assignment and so I biked into town after dinner for a sunset photoshoot of the city itself and the light was just magical, it was great! Soaring down the streets on my bike with all I need in my backpack makes me feel extremely free.

No matter what I do, whom I meeting up with or where I am, I like using the same gear and knowing I can rely on the stuff I have. It’s great when what I use work for all kinds of situations, looking stylish enough for meetings, being able to fit my photo gear or packed food and clothes for an outdoor adventure.

In my world, that’s part of what minimalism and sustainability is all about. Owning less things that are sturdy and versatile enough to serve many of your different needs in life. This doesn’t only feel physically lighter, but it makes my soul feel lighter as well.

I’ve also found a way to not stress too much about weekends. When Friday rolls around people have all these fun plans that they need to execute within two days, while also somehow finding time to rest. We do “weekend things” in the middle of the week all the time, and I can’t see why we shouldn’t? I love going straight from work to weekend by for example playing disc golf on a Monday or having a board game night on a Wednesday!

I find it boring and almost unhealthy to keep strict lines between work and leisure, everyday life and weekend mode. Mix it up and enjoy life every single day!

Altius Edge Weyl Wallet & VX Touring Backpack

packing laptop into a backpack

I have a new wallet, and something that all photographers can probably relate to will never happen to me again: forgetting memory cards. Because this awesome wallet has slots for memory cards, both SD and micro ones!

Remember my vlog where I planned to fly my drone but did not have a memory card? Now I always carry extra ones in my wallet!

I had a different pack from Victorinox before, but it was a bit to small to fit my needs and I don’t want to use a bunch of different packs for different things, so Dan took over that to use when commuting to work and I’ve upgraded to a bigger backpack from them. One that can hold anything from my packing cube of camera gear to extra clothes and a cooler bag of food and beer. I am so pleased I upgraded, I use the VX Touring Backpack in all aspects of my every day life now. Besides being sturdy and having enough room to fit whatever gear I might need (depending on the situation) the outside compartments make my important things like wallet, multitool and first aid kit easily accessible.

It also has water resistant zippers and the entire pack is PU coated, which means that a layer of polyurethane has been applied to the material’s surface in order to protect it. It’s a coating that can protect the base material from corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other processes that would degrade the material over time. With my line of work, and heading from photoshoots or daily life straight out into nature I find this feature super important and an integral part of a good backpack – If you’re going for a pack and have the option to get one that can stand the wear of life and weather a little bit better, pick that one!

This backpack will carry the food, drinks and warm evening clothes for midsummer – and on Sunday it will tag along on new adventures in Canada! And tomorrow we’ll pick flowers for the wreaths and midsummer pole, but I’ll probably just walk through the field with my camera capturing it all – as usual.

What are your midsummer plans? And how do you feel about this work to weekend thing, are you good at it or do you prefer to keep strict routines through out the week and then relax on the weekend?

Live slow and stay wild! // Rania

VX Touring Backpack
bumblebee in cherry blossom
backpack with tripod underneath

One of the main reasons I chose this backpack though, was because of the bottom strap. It’s something I think every backpack should have. You can use it to bring a sleeping bag or mat, blanket or a tripod – it’s so useful!

Work to weekend with Victorinox, photo © Rania Rönntoft, www.northboundjourneys.com
flowers on a tree
woman taking photos in a park

All photos in this post (except the top one) were shot on
the new Lumix G90 from Panasonic

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    1. Nu skulle jag inte kalla det “tur”, jag har jobbat hårt för att komma hit och skalat av på mycket så att jag lever enklare och har en billigare livsstil vilket gör att jag kan jobba mindre. Sedan hjälper det ju att ha en sambo så att man delar på utgifter för hyra och mat. Men vissa dagar jobbar jag mycket mer, andra mindre – det är just friheten i att kunna styra det där mer själv som jag älskar. Å andra sidan har jag ju aldrig semester, utan kan alltid jobba och gör det oftast också.