Winter hike in the woods

The start of 2021 arrived with a snowstorm and I couldn’t be happier. Finally the forests around town looked like a landscape from Narnia! The…

Grow with the flow

It’s finally happening. 2020 is coming to an end. Wow, what a year. Personally it has not hit me too hard, but I am glad…

The First Frost

November with it’s grey, wet and dull days is gone and December is here with frost and snow making the world brighter, sparkly and beautiful….

Luci the Cat

The smell of freshly brewed coffee lingers in the kitchen and a kitten is tugging at my robe. Fall is here and I have a cat again.

Mushroom book for food lovers

The book Svampbok för Matälskare that I worked on with Elles Utemat last year is finally here and ready to be pre-booked! This might be one of the most important books to add to your library before fall.